Photo Friday: Perspective

Right from the day I first landed in Windsor, Ontario I suspected that the riverfront, with its nearly 5 kilometre long stretch of gorgeous parks and walking paths, would become "my" place in the city. Now, nearly three years later, those suspicions have been confirmed over and over and over again. ...more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

What’s this look like to you??

Phoneography Challenge: Architecture

Subject: Gateway ArchLocation: Missouri, St. LouisPhone: Samsung Galaxy S3Apps: InstagramPhoneography Challenge: The Phone As Your Lens | ...more

31-Day Photo Challenge

A few things have collided today - the first day of the month (perfect time to start something new), I remembered a 30-day scrapbooking challenge that I wanted to do, and I opened my new camera. Oh - and I launched my new FaceBook page. With all that going on, I am starting a 31-Day Photo Challenge and invite you to join me. Each day, take a photo as listed below. Interpret the assignment as you wish. Use your digital camera, phone, iPad, pin-hole camera - whatever you choose. Then share it on my FaceBook page....more