Win a free 20x24 inch Canvas Print from your Photograph

There is a 'photo contest' at this month with a free print on canvas giveaway which the winner will receive a 20" x "24 (50 x 60 cm) customized canvas print! You can upload your nicest photograph here:  Photo Contest and the winner will be voted on and anounced by Love Custom Art when all the votes are in at the end of the month.  ...more

The February Freedom Style Fest and Photo Contest

Glance through photos of Coco Chanel’s earliest day wear and you’ll see a whole galaxy of frumpiness: long, shapeless jackets layered over even more shapeless calf-length skirts. I place them in three basic categories: slightly frumpy, very frumpy, and incredibly frumpy. You won’t find a hint of the timeless elegance that followed Chanel’s comeback in the 1950s. How could the same woman be responsible for both looks? Times changed....more

Picnik Contest Winner

I have been really interested in photography for quite a while. I enter contests along the way. I also am a big fan of the Picnik app that is available on a stand alone basis and through Flickr of which I have been a member for six years now, I think!  Here is my latest winner, a movie concept poster having to do with a very old children's poem, The Spider and the Fly....more
Love it! Classic horror film font, big was that spider in real life? Yikes! I can't ...more

Which Travel Photos Should I Submit?

(To see the photos I'm writing about, please click on my blog "A Rolling Crone.") I was looking through the new (August) issue of Smithsonian Magazine when I saw the winners of their 8th annual photo contest. The Grand Prize winner, by Prakash Hatvalne, showed two dancers in Bhopal, India preparing for their performance. If you want to see the fifty finalists that the judges chose out of 52,000 entries, click here. ...more

As a parent, what item can't you live without? Submit a photo and you could win!

As parents, there are those items that make our lives so much easier.  What can't you live without?  Submit a photo or a video to:  And you can win gift cards to Target, Amazon, and more!  We'd love to see what you can't live without! Thanks!   ...more

Celebrate World Breastfeeding Week: Mother Support

World Breastfeeding Week, celebrated by 120 countries worldwide Aug. 1-7, is just eight days away. This year's theme is "Mother Support: Going for the Gold" and, in my opinion, is such an important one. ...more

Thanks so much for your comment and sharing your experiences, TW. The double standards suck ...more