Photo A Day Challenge - July 17-31, 2014

July has come to an end, and I'm happy to say that I've completed another month of daily blogging (with considerable assistance from some of my lovely blogging friends, who helped to populate this space with a series of wonderful guest posts while I was away at BlogHer '14)... ...more

Photo A Day Challenge - July 1-16, 2014

So it's now mid-month (yes, ALREADY!), which means that it's time for me to gather up and post the first batch of my July Photo A Day Challenge efforts. ...more

Photo A Day Challenge - June 17-30, 2014

The June Photo A Day Challenge is now complete! I've had great fun as always, but the cherry on top of my picture taking this month was having my June 21st photo (Here I am) chosen as one of the "Awesome 18" on the FMS Photo A Day Facebook Group. That totally made my day! :) ...more

Photo A Day Challenge - June 1-16, 2014

We're midway through June (yes, already!), so I thought I'd share my month-in-progress for the June Photo A Day Challenge. ...more

#100HappyDays Challenge

Photo A Day Challenge - March 15-31, 2014

March is wrapping up... yes, already! It's been another fun and busy month of daily creativity as I participated in both the Photo A Day Challenge and NaBloPoMo... ...more

Photo A Day Challenge - February 1-15, 2014

Once again I am really enjoying the creative spark I get from participating in the Photo A Day Challenge... but you know what? I am dying to start taking some outdoor photos already! I had a couple in mind for the February 12 prompt ("Out + About"), but it was just too darn cold to spend any sort of time outside fussing around with photos. ...more

Photo A Day Challenge - December 1-14, 2013

Remember last month when I said that while I WAS going to do the December 2013 Photo A Day Challenge, I didn't dare commit to doing December's ...more

Photo A Day Challenge - October 1-15, 2013

In addition to daily blogging with NaBloPoMo, I've also been participating in the October Photo A Day Challenge created by Fat Mum Slim. (Hey, if one commitment to daily creativity is good, two must better - right?!) ...more

Photo A Day Challenge - September 16-30, 2013

This month I had great fun participating in the September Photo A Day Challenge created by Fat Mum Slim. ...more