I'm Drowning in Digital Photos

I was drowning in digital photographs long BEFORE I got an iPhone, but now I'm buried in them. They exist on my computer, on my phone, on portable hard drives (yes plural), on the Time Capsule, and now, of course, ON THE CLOUD (wherever the fuck that is). Now when I stare at clouds, waiting for them to morph into unicorns and amorphous hearts, I half expect to see my pictures from our family vacation to Mexico. ...more
On Da Road  I totally tried doing that too and loved it but got too consumed and OCD (doesn't ...more

printable jewel case inserts for your photo storage

between my nikon DSLR and 4 iPhones and 2 little nikons we take a lot of photos in this family. storing them and keeping them organized can be a daunting task, if not full time job! i store my photos on an external hard drive and on CD or DVD. always have a backup right?...more

Why Digital Photo Storage Makes Sense for Users

It's the year of online storage. Dropbox became an overnight sensation. Google+ upped the ante tripling its online storage offering across all of its products. Yahoo gives Flickr a new face and a free terabyteof photo storage for all. With so many options to store our media online, what does this mean for users? ...more
I agree digital online storage is a must.  I've used it for years!more