New PicMonkey Templates to Photo Design in a Flash

You are in a crunch and need to create a social media post fast.  Wouldn't it be great if you could just go to a template that has the right dimensions for each social media platform?  If you are like me, I can't always keep the sizes clear in my head.  What do I need for Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram etc...   I have been using PicMonkey for my photo editing needs for a few years now.  It has a lot free options and now they have templates as well for a variety of projects.  ...more

How to Create Awesome Images Using iPiccy

With so many photo editing software programs available, it can be hard trying to figure out which one to use. If you’re like me, you probably end up having several go to programs—each one offering a different something that the others lack....more

Jim in Iowa is Entirely Responsible...

... for this post. Jim answered yesterday's question about photo editing software with an innocent enough, "we like"...more

Simple Tech Series #6: PicMonkey

I thought I was done with my Simple Tech Series, but alas, I have two more fantastic tutorials for you! I hope I have already cured your ails with Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, Google Reader and the late Picnik. But, I didn't want to leave you on a low note with Picnik's sad news, so I am here to spread photographic joy! This week and next, I will post tutorials for Foto Flexer and PicMonkey. These are the best replacements for Picnik, hands down. So today I bring you... Tutorial Six: PicMonkey PicMonkey is brought to you by the creators of Picnik. It would seem as though I wasn't the only one upset with Google for killing off the best photo editing site on the web. A few of the creators banded together and came up with a photo editor that is simpler (if that was even possible!) and cuter. To upload a picture:...more
do I need to down load something to make Pic Monkey work for me, i haven't been able to get it ...more

How to load brushes in Adobe Photoshop Elements
@victorias_view I've never heard of it-I'll check it out!more

Learn to Edit your Photo's Professionally

As a photographer who is looking to further her business, I often get asked what steps I take when editing my photos. After countless [and by countless, I mean 30+ emails in the last 3-4 weeks] how I edit, what program I use, etc. I have decided that maybe the time has come to host a workshop and write a workbook on editing....more

Miss P'Tit Pot Scrapbook

Hello every one,I am glad to be back on to share my passion in scrapbooking...I have been discovering the art of digital scrapbooking and the art of photo editing for that purpose.  I am very happy to share my creation with you and you can view my design at am also in the process of building a website where people will be able to download these design and more to come if they are interested....more