4 Reasons to Always Use an Image with Your Post

Flip back through the archived posts on my blog, and you’ll see that the images are few and far between. I’m a word person, thank you very much. It’s how my thoughts take shape and where the force of my meaning naturally settles. Images don’t really resonate for me. So when I started Creative Juicer, I figured, I’d just put my words out there. The problem is, the marketer side of me knows better. And if I stop and pay attention, most of the most successful writers’ blogs I know, like The Write Practice, include an image with every post. Images matter. A lot. ...more
krisellaneous Members can't add images to the story tile teasers. That's something that is only ...more

Winter Nostalgia

Rushing around doing All The Things and getting ready to attend a Christmas party this evening, so today it's just a quick post in the form of a photo share... one of my favourites from a winter long ago. ...more

The "#Selfie" Generation

I'm worried for The Selfie Generation. You know what a "selfie" is, don't you? It's when people take pictures of themselves, most often doing duck face and then, of course, hashtagging it (when did "hashtag" become a verb?) as, "#selfie" on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. There's usually no occasion for it and there is no limit in frequency. ...more
I love this: "Not everyone wants to see you. All of the time." I can't believe all the people on ...more

The Executioner’s Granddaughter

The Story Behind the PhotographLast week, as I was selecting antique photos of children with toys from my collection for my post of May 18, I picked up this one of a curly-headed moppet holding a toy lamb and a riding crop.  ...more

little bits, a haiku

~cath@jonesbabie on Twitter...more

Shake it like a Polaroid picture.

 Yesterday evening I was watching a sort of twisted romantic, indie comedy called Camille on Netflix instant queue. It was strange for more than one reason but the main ones being a.) I don't watch comedies, b.) Camille is pretty much dead through most of the love affair, and c.) she has a fascination with her Polaroid camera. ...more

I Otta (Not) Be in Pictures

I needed a photo of myself yesterday for some work I’m doing, something to go along with my bio. Just one of those head & shoulders shots....more


Remember that great Def Leppard song, Photograph? Today's prompt is about a photo of yourself, one you really like.Well, I'm so tempted to use this one: ...more

Photographing Body Parts

Information on how to photograph the important people in your life.  Check out:http://blog.sullivanjphotography.com/2010/01/07/photographing-body-parts/by,Janice SullivanSullivan J Photographyhttp://blog.sullivanjphotography.com http://archive.sullivanjphotography.com http://www.blogher.com/groups/photo-bloghers...more

Rules for Eventful Dating Part I

The Eventful Dater’s Rules ...more