I'm a Reluctant Artist

The day I met my husband just over 11 years ago he was working his “day job” as a professional clown. I was a young mother taking my son to his first Manhattan birthday party. Our how we met story is awesome, as anyone who is lingering in the happily ever after part, would say. We left the party together and the first question I asked him was, “So what do you really do?” ...more

10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer

It is definitely wedding season!So many weddings to attend to and I’m super excited! I still remember pawing all over the internet looking for my wedding/engagement photographer. As many of you know, I love taking pictures, pictures are like my memory treasure.  So picking the right photographer to me is very important.For those brides who are looking for the right photographer here are some of my criteria when looking for my photographer!Make sure you have great chemistry with your photographer. ...more
richard_milnes You may be right! Thanks for the tip!more

Blogging Detour...or Destination

I've been blogging and writing and otherwise dancing the fine line between the two for almost six years now.Six years.That's longer than I've held any one title (besides daughter, sister or wife) in my life.  I taught school for 5 years, and I've only been "mommy" for 3 (four if you could the belly year)....more

Digital vs. Film Photography

You would think this topic would be long gone, but film vs. digital still seems to spring up every now and again. I find this confusing People shout film sucks or digital trumps film everytime. But they seem to be missing the point. I see Photography as a form of expression. ...more

On Loneliness, Laughter and this Passion for Living ... a photographer writes

One of the more challenging aspects of my chosen career is getting up every morning and finding the drive to keep pushing forward ... alone. It’s the ‘alone’ that I struggle with at times. I often work 14 hour days or longer, as I tidy up loose ends while driving 3 new projects forward. I miss the office chat and the lunchbreaks, the structure of 9 to 5 and the stability of a weekly income ... those things that reassure a soul about their usefulness in society....more

When are trying to balance professional and personal in the same space. But I also agree with ...more

News of an Updated Photo Gallery ...

One of the things that used to drive my first husband crazy was the way I would work over my writing ... over and over, asking his opinion, each time.He would sigh in the end, asking, 'But you've changed nothing ... have you?'And I would point out that I had taken out two  'and's' and added a 'the'.Why hadn't he noticed it?Yes, so we divorced.Not over that. I'm sure it was one of my endearing qualities ... but we won't vote on that.  I won't even ask him to comment here actually....more

An Extraordinary Man ...

You sense that your photography session might be different from all other photography sessions you have ever worked at, when the object of your attention pulls out the bottle of whisky and proceeds to fill up a shot glass for both you and your translator/fixer. And so it was with Ant, the 85 year old artist, choir singer and bugle player....more

Photobloggers of the Windy City

I've returned from my quick trip to New York City, just in time to start preparing for my quick trip to Chicago -- can you believe that the BlogHer '09 conference is now just a week away?  I don't know about you, but (a) this summer is flying by way too fast, and (b) I haven't done a thing to start preparing for next week's trip.  Nothing, that is, until now. ...more

I hope you'll take some pics yourself this year and post them.  Chicago is a wonderfully ...more

What Goes Around Comes Around

In Europe it seems as though there are merry-go-rounds in almost every plaza or park. This is all-year. I don't even see this in the summer in NYC other than in ...more

Rules Are Made For Their Own Sake

Whenever I go to a museum I bring a notebook. I always read something that I fall in love with and I need a place to write it down. This is what I found yesterday at the Met: ...more