Rear View Window

I had grown tired of looking through my photos of our trip to Italy in March. I thought I had exhausted all of the "good" photos so I took a break from them and focused on other things. ...more

My (Partial) Reading List - Photography

Remember your (summer) reading list growing up? I was always excited to see what would be on it and then I wouldn't get to it until mid-August a couple of weeks before classes started again. Well, I have my weekly reading lists online too. Doesn't everyone? I can't possibly read everything on my blogroll or in my blog reader (and everything that I stumble upon) on a daily basis but I definitely get to them weekly. And even then, I find that I have to catch up on some of my favorites at the end of the month because things like work and life get in the way! ...more

In Her Own Image - THE BOOK - It's here!!

A few months ago I blogged my participation in a wonderful new book by the Female Self-Portrait Artists' Support Group...well, the book is finally here and available for purchase! ...more

Airing Out Your (Clean) Laundry

I became quite obsessed with windows and fresh laundry in Italy. This is the color version of my current banner...Another thing that I've become obsessed with...constantly changing my banner. ...more

4 Reasons Why Women May Very Well Make Better Photographers

For the longest time, we have gotten used to the idea that a male figure would pop up in our heads when we think of a photographer. Even at this time, most of us probably do. ...more
I'm inclined to agree with this article. From a male model's view I've had the best experiences ...more

Who is Drea :-)

Just wanted to let everyone know my blog is located at and my business is at... Hope you can pay a visit! I have give-aways every month usually, so check me out :-) ...more