I Don't Selfie Stick

Rushing through Times Square a few weeks ago, a promotional van for Zoolander 2 caught my eye. They were taking photos and printing them onto froth foam, creating headshot-worthy lattes and as if free java with your face on it isn't enough, they gave me a bonus selfie stick! I have made fun of the ridiculous looking tool ever since they invaded my Wall Street neighborhood six years ago. ...more

The Things You Don't See In A Picture

   Original post: http://thepinterestedparent.com/2014/12/08/the-things-you-dont-see-in-a-...  ...more

Why Isn't Mommy In Any Picture? (A Letter To My Husband)

Original Post: http://thepinterestedparent.com/2014/08/01/why-isnt-mommy-in-any-pictures-a-letter-to-my-husband/My dearest husband,Do you notice how I am conspicuously missing from the montage of beautiful photos above? The reason that I am missing is of course that I am always the one behind the camera....more

A few photos of my home town

My home town is Oldham, Greater Manchester. Once you leave the urban town, it is a beautiful place (50% countryside) and I hope these photographs, taken three years ago, do it justice.  The building is Hartshead Pike, which sits high above, looking down on to the residential areas. ...more

Picture This

Do you know a beautiful wonderful woman who won't let her picture be taken because she is unhappy about the way she looks?  Why does she thinks she isn't a human being worthy of being preserved in a photograph? Are you one of those women? I was. ...more
I understand, though in my own journey, not wanting to have pictures taken of me for awhile.  ...more

Rely Less on the Memento and More on the Memory

Remember back to when you had to wait until the film in your camera was developed to discover the quality of the photographs you took at an event? Sometimes they were blurry, and you couldn't go back in time to re-take them since the moment had passed.  Nina Badzin has a great post about balancing the memory and the memento, or really, not placing so much importance on capturing the moment but rather living it as if you'll never be able to revisit it again. ...more
@Lavender Luz Thank you for such a nice comment! As a fellow cast member I'm SURE you can ...more

I love them both

 I carry two passports. France and Canada own pieces of me. Some say it’s waffling, not being proudly, firmly one or the other. I am Canadian. I am also French.Step inside our home and it’s clear that both have a bearing on our lives. In small ways. In big ways. Every day.A hockey bag propped in the corner of our family room. It’s late June, but where else would it be? CanadaA well-used, hand-woven shopping basket that crossed an ocean with us sits inside the front closet. France...more

Photographs and Memories

I watched video on YouTube recently that asked the question, "How many photographs have been taken?" (The first few minutes are about photos. After that, he goes on to other topics, also interesting, but less pertinent to this article.) The answer was staggering. He reports that there are an estimated 3.5 trillion pictures taken since the invention of the photograph almost 200 years ago....more

Keep up With Practices in the Industry

In previous articles I have advised the importance of business owners getting involved with social media and with looking for new sales techniques before they are needed. Today we will be talking about how important it is to keep up with new practices in the industry. In order for succeed in business and to remain successful, it is important not to rest on one's laurels but instead to continually look for ways to improve, do better and increase sales....more

The Importance of Blog Design

A subject that I don't see covered much is blog design.  While good consistent writing is important to  successful blogging, I think that how your blog looks cannot be underestimated.  It is all in the initial presentation.  A blog that is well designed and catches the eye does play a significant part in hooking readers.  The banner of your blog can draw people in and cause them to want to scroll down to see and read more or move on.  Many bloggers understand this and will hire the expertise of a web designer to make their blog pop or unique in some way.  ...more