Wordless Wednesday - Black Capped Chickadees

Today's Wordless Wednesdayis a series of three photographs onBlack Capped ChickadeesClick here...more

WW - Witchy picture

In keeping with the National Photo Month theme, today's Witchy Wednesday is simply a picture I took a few days ago, paired with a quote.Bright Wednesday blessings to all!~TraciTraci York, Author (formally, "Confessions of an Internet G33k")...more

Lift Up Your Heads, Yea Mighty Gates

We hope that the words of this hymn and the original photography with help to lift your spirits this Sunday afternoon.Lift up your Heads, Yea Mighty GatesClick here to visit this post ...more

FF - I heart photography

Today is the first day of National Photography Month (as well as Beltane), so I thought I'd do a bit of show and tell with my cameras....more

MM - Knock, knock

Who's there?Who.Who, who?Are you an owl?I was outside a few days ago, stalking looking for my crows, and the little guy above decided to play hide-and-seek with me for a good ten minutes.I think I may have graduated from the Crazy Crow Lady, to the Crazy Bird Lady. *grin*~Traci...more

MM - Spring is coming

At least, that's the rumor. I'm seeing small signs of it today -The boulders in our yard are beginning to emerge from snow-covered slumber.There's even a spot of ground!Mr. Stubbs can now reach the Blue Jay's private dining area outside our bedroom window....more

Capture Your Life - Book Review

I recently had the opportunity to review a book on photography from a great blogger, Cole Nemeth of Peace and Chaos....more