MM - Knock, knock

Who's there?Who.Who, who?Are you an owl?I was outside a few days ago, stalking looking for my crows, and the little guy above decided to play hide-and-seek with me for a good ten minutes.I think I may have graduated from the Crazy Crow Lady, to the Crazy Bird Lady. *grin*~Traci...more

MM - Spring is coming

At least, that's the rumor. I'm seeing small signs of it today -The boulders in our yard are beginning to emerge from snow-covered slumber.There's even a spot of ground!Mr. Stubbs can now reach the Blue Jay's private dining area outside our bedroom window....more

Capture Your Life - Book Review

I recently had the opportunity to review a book on photography from a great blogger, Cole Nemeth of Peace and Chaos....more

FF - I heart birds

Happy Friday the 13th! In honor of this lucky day, and to help justify my latest obsession... err, I mean, hobby, I'm sharing thirteen of my favorite and most recent bird photos (out of the approximately three hundred on my computer). See, kids - Mommy doesn't need an intervention, and she's not a crazy bird lady. I'm sharing them on my blog, so they serve a purpose... right?...more

Touring the Ice Hotel in Quebec

 An ice hotel right here in North America? Who would have thought!It exists and not only it is impressive, it really shows you that some people see opportunities where others think only of inconveniences.I have had the privilege of visited both of them. Yes, two of its kind are built during the cold season.One is in Montreal along with the Snow Village and the other is located only a short distance from Quebec City....more

My First DIY Lesson in Film Photography

Here’s how it started… So, as I continuously became disappointed in the outcome of my point and shoot pictures that I use in my blog posts, I started dreaming about a DSLR camera. For this frugal girl, it just isn’t in my budget right now.I started remembering all the old film cameras my father-in-law had stashed away from his junk collecting. They were not being used, they were unwanted, so I decided to take them!...more

100 Happy Days

100 Happy Days...I like the sound of that. Only positive things can happen when we focus on something that makes us happy, don't you agree?Recently my daughter sent me a text with a website and a note that said: “Mom, you need to check this out, you will love it and you need to write about it!”...more

To Wean or Not To Wean?

Mostly Unedited Week in Review - 8/20/14

With the advent of digital manipulation of photos and the rampant sharing of people's lives, often pictures and videos are only shown once they've been edited. This editing consists of filters, highlights, and touch-ups, not to mention often only sharing the highlights of our lives. With judgement and comparison being so interwoven into our social culture, the expectations of ourselves and others are often so high that simply attempting to reach them leaves us feeling even more vulnerable....more