Travel photography tips and resources

These tips and resources will help you take amazing photos next time you travel.Before you go, do your research....more
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Photography 101 Series| Part II: Understanding Your Camera Mode Settings

Welcome to the second installment of my newPhotography 101 Series: Mastering Your Camera Settings!...more

Photography 101 Series Part I: Understanding Exposure

Welcome to the first week of my new...more

Mastering Your Camera Settings

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Photography Forum and Galleries

There are a Photography forum where you can find a lot of topics of Photography and many other topics of brands and accessories of cameras. Is necesary know more about of all accesories of a camera as Lens and wich kind of lens that you need to choose for have  a good photo....more

Tips for Photographing a Birth

If Current Me could talk to Past Me, Current Me would say, "Hey. You. Those first photos you take of Alexis could be a lot better if you would take the time to learn a little about photographing a baby." Current Me could hand Past Me a crib sheet, like this one by Tamara Bowman, and point out some of the tips that would have gone a long way to better capturing those early newborn days. ...more
My advice: don't ever take pictures of birth and if you do, don't post them anywhere. Not every ...more

How to Take Great Photographs of Your Baby

I got serious about my camera on the same day I brought my first baby home from the hospital. It was a beautiful digital SLR that I had not learned how to use yet. My baby was also a beautiful baby girl that I had not learned how to use yet. Only one came with an instruction manual. Yet with both, I moved through the months on classes, books, helpful hints and instinct. My baby and my photography skills grew together. ...more
my twins are so use to my camera equipment, they even smile when i point my cell phone at them lmaomore

Rellenos Redux: Gluten-Free Blue Corn Meal Crepe Chile Rellenos

I LOVE this dish. As a New Mexican, I’ve had my fair share of greasy fried rellenos, and while they are delicious, they can be a bit heavy. My take on rellenos keeps the sweet and eggy flavor of the traditional battered and fried chile, but makes it much lighter by using a gluten-free blue cornmeal crepe. Roasted Anaheim chiles are generously stuffed with jack cheese and then rolled in crepes, then heated until the cheese has melted. Smothered in tangy tomatillo salsa and served with black beans, fresh tomatoes and cilantro, they are a spicy, sweet, tangy, New Mexican summer night in a single bite....more
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What I learned in the Secret Garden

Living, Loving, Laughing...

A little MacGuyver inspired photo shoot

Feels like I haven't I haven't posted all weekend.  Oh wait, I haven't. Sorry wonderful people who read my blog.  I've been working on a little side project that took up most of my free time this weekend.  But today I thought I'd give you a tutorial on how to take some "product shots."  You know, pictures of things like jewelry or food or anything that you want to take  a photo of but you want it to have a white background and to be sitting on a white surface. Does this make sense?...more