A Budget Traveler's Story

So this is my first blog I've ever written seriously.  I come from a long line of bad spellers, so please excuse the mistakes.  My teacher, Gayle Stevens, told me that so start in the travel photography business, the first step should be starting a blog. Some background information: ...more

Somebody sends you off somewhere, solo, at a youngish age and you become CRAZY, CRAZY, I ...more

Mystery Meat Up Close. Yum!

I check http://www.naturalnews.com/ on a daily basis for health and nutrition news. They issue a lot of stories about government induced health mistakes, i.e. antibiotic overloads, tainted prescription drugs, etc. ...more

Photographing Crafts: Challenges and Tips

One of the best things about finding a good craft blog, whether it's someone using yarn, fabric, paper, tin, or plastic, is seeing the photographs of a person's work. When an item is well-photographed, the hand of the creator can be seen in the work. It's almost like touching the product. However, taking a great photograph is not the easiest thing to do. ...more

I've been taking pictures of my jewelry designs for a few years now and I've run the gamut of ...more


Hello!  I am new on here.  I am not sure how much I will post on here, but I have another blog.  Is that aloud?  To actually send someone to another blog?  Well, I guess we'll see, won't we?  ha.  Hopefully you'll find what I have to say a wee bit interesting.    www.shealynnbenner.com     Peace Out! Shealynn ...more

[an introduction]

I think that introductions necessitate, so I'm going to try my best to live up to my own expectations. My adventure with photography began in 2005, and since getting my first camera in 2006 I haven't looked back. Like all good things in life- cooking, fashion, writing, etc.- photography takes creativity, passion, and a degree of talent. Admittedly, a two and a half year old Kodak- which is little more than a glorified point and shoot with manual settings- does not scream National Geographic quality images. ...more

leaving toddlerhood behind


It's all fun and games until someone calls Daddy a pervert

It's a beautiful day and Dad has taken the kids out to play on an inflatable slide; they're all laughing and having a great time, and he snaps some pictures of the fun... until he's called a pervert and told to stop. I think that sounds like a plot for a ridiculous, contrived fiction story, but it's what actually happened to the U.K.'s Gary Crutchley when he was on an outing with his two sons and other parents protested his picture-taking: ...more

of Miranda Beverly Whittemore's more

A Great Macro Photography Tip


Shorten Your Lifespan in Two Easy Clicks

To what extreme do you bloggers go to get that photo into your story? Will you drive by a Ripley's Believe It Or Not-type scene and think, "Wow, that woulda made a good visual aid to put on my blog", but you don't actually stop and take that picture? Or are you some stalking paparazzi wannabe, living on the edge, keeping your camera with you at all times, should an unbelievable photo op present itself? (read the rest) ...more

Photography - Still A Security Threat?

Since Bruce Schneier published his June 5 Guardian essay asking the question, "Are photographers really a threat?", this weary topic is being revisited. Amidst the paranoia-fest that has moved in since 9/11, taking a photograph has become suspect activity. Many shutterbugs I know have been questioned and harassed by police officers and over-zealous security guards who believe they are protecting the country from some elaborate evil plan that evidently cannot engage without some glossy 8x10s. ...more

i've wondered all over snapping lots of photographs here in san diego county and so far i ...more