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There was some discussion about among my posts around the time of BlogHer07. I took a cursory look at it then. I'm a Flickr user, and didn't think much about switching to a new site. But people keep contacting me wanting to use my photos from Fickr in their commercial efforts. With Flickr's creative commons licensing options, I can get attribution for the photo, but no money. With Photrade, you can sell your photos. That's starting to sound better and better, as more of my photos attract attention. ...more

I spent some time with photrade and initially thought the concept was a good one. The ...more

A new photo toy and a whole lotta cats

"I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them." -- Diane Arbus The staid photo slide show is officially dead. With the recent launch of Animoto, the fancy pants way to make a quick music video with your images, all bets are off, baby. ...more

Welcome to the party! I think you'll find our hangout full of surprises ...

BlogHer ...more

The Hokie Nation Remembers - and Begins Again

My godson moved into his freshman dorm at Virginia Tech this weekend. He goes with the very same love, support and pride that accompanies thousands of young people who are off to college this month. It just so happens, though, that he arrived in Blacksburg, Virginia, on the same weekend that the University dedicated a memorial, including 32 "Hokie Stones" for each student killed in last April's mass shooting that took 32 young lives, plus the self-inflicted death of the shooter. ...more

It is a sad day when high school and college students cannot go to school without bullet-proof ...more

Begone illicit stash

"Influences come from everywhere but when you are actually shooting you work primarily by instinct. But what is instinct? It is a lifetime accumulation of influence: experience, knowledge, seeing and hearing. There is little time for reflection in taking a photograph. All your experiences come to a peak and you work on two levels: conscious and unconscious." -Arnold Newman ...more

... but I've got a thing for photographing churches. Weird for an agnostic. I'm sure there's a ...more

Everyone deserves the right to feel overwhelmed

When I photograph, what I'm really doing is seeking answers to things. -Wynn Bullock Lately, I’ve been having the same conversation over and over. It always comes innocently out of the general inquiry, “So, what have you been up to?” I may mention attending the recent BlogHer Conference, blogging or photography, in general. Right around here, I get something like this: ...more

Thank goodness - you are already on the case. I need those 'Rachels' in my life.

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Little Miss Photoshop

One of the other contributing editors here at BlogHer brought this issue to my attention last week. I warned her I was afraid to write on the subject, because my response would be vile. There was general agreement that the topic warrants some venom, so brace yourself if you wish to read on. ...more
Why are people so freaked out by pageants? I know a 9 year old but who has broke 5 bones by ...more

New humans, old friends and some very twisted wire

"A photograph does not speak, it does not smell, it makes no sound, it does not move, it is just a two dimensional piece of paper, but a good photograph can do at least one if not all of the above!" --Eryk Fitkau Coming off the kitten heels of the BlogHer Conference ’07, my head and Rolodex still spins at the variety of talented photographers I met. Quite frankly, I see the line between professional and amateur blurring in the blogosphere more every day. I think it grand. ...more


I seriously hope that Terry becomes rich and famous through his work. That would be ...more

Who is Drea :-)

Just wanted to let everyone know my blog is located at and my business is at... Hope you can pay a visit! I have give-aways every month usually, so check me out :-) ...more

Food Photography session at BlogHer 07

Foodies and other BlogHer 07 attendees: Join us Saturday 7-28 for a luscious panel on Food Photography at 2:45pm in Room 325. Beatrice Peltre and Lara Ferroni, and yours truly as moderator will cover everything you need to know to create mouthwatering photographs for your blog. ...more