Photography: autumn colour week

As a photographer myself, I look for inspiration everywhere -- and often, there's nothing like a really good meme to help.  I've been doing Love Thursday for years -- encouraging people to share their images (and words) that depict love -- and there are many others out there that encourage photographers to stretch their creative muscle a bit.  But there's one that has caught my eye this week -- and it's just in time for autumn....more

Talk2theAnimals Digital Photo Contest Ends Today, 9/30/09!

This is it, folks!  The 1st Annual Talk2theAnimals Photo Contest is over today, September 30th, 2009 at 11:59 PM CDT.  You've got a few short hours left to get your pictures entered so you and your pet can ...more

First the workout, then the eats, but what's with the Photography?

Today’s workout, even though it was Friday, was simply weights.  I used to designate Friday as my official day off working out no matter what. But since I’m doing the new program, things had to change.  Besides, I was looking forward to a HUGE but healthy breakfast..         ...more

Photography Exhibits

'Cumana Beach' - October 2007, Cape Fear Studios, Fayetteville, North CarolinaThis piece is very sentimental to me in a few ways.Firstly, it was a spot where my mom and her family and then my brother and I played and swarm in the sea when we use to live in Trinidad. It is located at the Northeast of Trinidad, the very tip where the waters connect you to our sister island, Tobago. My relatives still live in that area. ...more

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Celebrities continue to die in "threes," & Your Humble Scribe feels the need to pay proper tribute to the recently departed. How sad am I that Patrick Swayze will no longer be dancing dirty? ...more

Photos Out of Focus: Embracing Bokeh and Blur

When I first started shooting photos I believed in the ultimate power of sharpness, of acuity, of an image unblurred. It's only over time that I learned to embrace what I now believe to be the beauty of softness, of what some might call imperfection in focus but I've reframed as just right for whatever image I happen to be making at the time. I almost excessively embrace the blur. ...more

bus ride fail.


Shake it like a Polaroid picture

I watched as my friend quietly set all of the dials on her antique camera, complete with bellows and a Polaroid film backing.  She fiddled and she fidgeted, all the while exuding an air of calm, and quiet.  Finally, she held her breath and took the shot, and the camera whirred, while the image emerged from the camera. Amazing, I thought to myself.  I just don't have the patience. ...more

Child Photography Basics: Close & Personal

One of my personal goals for taking photos of my children is to capture their personality. I want to be able to look at my MomShots and see the joy and love of life that my children exude through every poor in their bodies. I want to look at those shots and be forced to smile because my children's vibrant delight and love has been captured by my camera. ...more