Switched Blog URL to a Better Suited URL

Found a way to change URL and changed from my name as URL to www.ChasingPicturePerfection.com. The old one is still accessible, but followers do not show up. ...more

10 Summer Vacation Photo Commandments

The summer solstice puts the actual season a few weeks away, but the May and June proliferation of graduations, weddings, beach trips and barbecues mean summertime even if the calendar hasn't yet caught up. Since so many events often mean much capturing of memories on memory cards (and film? Yes, please?), it seems like a good time to make a little list of Ten Entirely Subjective Commandments for Successful Summer Photography. Let's shoot, shall we? (Sorry.) ...more

Will be sure to come back to this before I leave for vacation!



Awkward Family Photos

Say "awkward family photos" and the first thing that comes to my mind is my grandmother's house, any Thanksgiving between the years of, say, 1978-2004. We were all forced to gather around one end of the table in a too-small dining room, while she tried to operate a camera that always - always - malfunctioned (Disc cameras, even, for a few of those years. Remember those? See Boing Boing's "Bad Old Days: Kodak Disc 4000 Camera" for a refresher and then give your PowerShot a big kiss. ) ...more

That site is hilarious.  I need to post my cousins photo from last years holiday cards.  They ...more

What Goes Around Comes Around

In Europe it seems as though there are merry-go-rounds in almost every plaza or park. This is all-year. I don't even see this in the summer in NYC other than in ...more

Afternoons at the Met

I went to the Met this afternoon and saw the most wonderful exhibits. If you are in the NYC area and you love art and fashion and photography, you must make your way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Pictures Generation exhibit and the Model as Muse exhibit. ...more

Like Her Mothers

I wanted to write the story of my mother. But when I started constructing it in my head I realized that it would take far too long and based on my scattered knowledge, wouldn't make much sense to anyone outside the family. She's complex, my mother. Her story is full of independence, restlessness, a great lost love, a long drawn out painful marriage, numerous missteps and triumphs. It is a great story, but an unfinished one. And without her permission and memories to pick from I'm afraid I couldn't do the telling of it justice. ...more

Rear View Window

I had grown tired of looking through my photos of our trip to Italy in March. I thought I had exhausted all of the "good" photos so I took a break from them and focused on other things. ...more

Photography: portrait inspiration

About 15 years ago, I asked a good fashion-photographer-friend of mine to help me pick out a camera.  "I want to start learning photography," I said. "What kind?" he asked. "I mean, are in you interested in landscapes?  Portraits?" "Portraits, I guess," I responded.  "I mean, I don't want to be a professional photographer, but I'm hoping that one day, when I have a family, I'll be able to take amazing portraits like you take." "Okay," he said.  "Let's go." ...more

Trying to capture my daughter, ...more

Picturing Hope - Shutter Sisters Win Microsoft Dream Assignment

The day I saw Shutter Sisters Jen Lemen and Stephanie Roberts' entry to the Microsoft Name Your Dream Assignment contest, I was pretty sure they'd win it.  ...more

I've sent this post to the photobloghers group.   I've been a fan of the shuttersisters since ...more

Newbie to the group

Hello all, I am trying to promote a new group for photographer bloggers. It's called Photo bloghers, check it out at http://www.blogher.com/groups/photo-bloghers.  I would like to discuss and meet fellow photo bloggers and feel this would be a great way to connect. Thanks, Janice Sullivan     ...more