I should have been in pictures!

"Oh No" exclaimed little Jude, "Mommy put my down on my blanket!!" "No really I don't like it at all!!! Pick me back up mommy!!!" Whispered little Jude. ...more

The Camera as Model

On our recent flight back from Tulum, I had a few minutes at the airport with my boyfriend's camera. Finally the camera and I switched places. Canon is the official camera of our family. ...more

Scenes from the Commute

C train at 96th Street ...more

It's a Party...You're Invited!

I am participating in a Group Show entitled "Unframed Portraits: The Self and Others" at the Broadway Gallery in New York for two weeks in June (June 1 to June 15). ...more

Shelley Singer: My Life in Five Pictures | Women's Voices For Change

Maybe it is for this very moment that I have been cataloguing pictures and watching family movies for most of this decade, writing, fretting, and trying to see clearly and to say what is true. I have hours of DVDs, hundreds of pages of words, and a row of file boxes with year-by-year photographs, love letters, death certificates, sonograms, a hankie from World War I, passports, and locks of babies’ hair. ...more

Mother Nature is Definitely a Mutha.

I've been really bad about posting here on BlogHer.  I love it here so much but with a million things on my mind on a daily basis...something is bound to be forgotten.  I'm over at www.ciaochessa.com daily.  But I promise to do my best to be here too! :) Once again it is freezing in New York City. Talking about the weather usually bores me (unless I'm talking about what to wear in certain weather) but lately it has become somewhat of an obsession. I can't take it. Spring, where the heck are ya? ...more

My (Partial) Reading List - Photography

Remember your (summer) reading list growing up? I was always excited to see what would be on it and then I wouldn't get to it until mid-August a couple of weeks before classes started again. Well, I have my weekly reading lists online too. Doesn't everyone? I can't possibly read everything on my blogroll or in my blog reader (and everything that I stumble upon) on a daily basis but I definitely get to them weekly. And even then, I find that I have to catch up on some of my favorites at the end of the month because things like work and life get in the way! ...more

Better Blogging in 31 Days? Start Now.

Maybe you want to write better, more often or with more focus. Maybe you take photographs but have no idea how to edit them or where they'll work on your blog. Maybe your blog is bumming you out. What great things could you do for your blog in a month? And can you do them by having the courage to suck at them?  Yes, these are related questions, at least for me.  ...more

I just found my way her to Blogher as I noticed a link on several of the blogs I follow. So I ...more

Web Beginner

"Give me my college diploma!" Okay, not yet. I still have a few classes that I will finish this summer while I build a portfolio site. I am a Media Arts major, but there weren't classes for web and graphic design after the basic foundation. I learned CSS, and built a website for the campus paper using that code style. I took a class for graphic design, Desktop Publishing, and I (unsuccessfully) attempted Flash. ...more

I'm a lecturer in new media, and I teach a lot of the stuff you are learning...as for how I ...more