Man cannot live by bread alone. I, personally, also need art, design & photography

When I was growing up, I was always entranced by architecture, interior design and other forms of art and design.  In fact, when I was getting ready to go to university, I proudly told my parents, "I think I want to study architecture." "Don't be ridiculous," they both smiled.  "You're not artistic.  You're good at math.  Go to engineering school." And so, like a good girl, I did. ...more

I will share your website and the shutter sisters site with a good friend who's a ...more

Airing Out Your (Clean) Laundry

I became quite obsessed with windows and fresh laundry in Italy. This is the color version of my current banner...Another thing that I've become obsessed with...constantly changing my banner. ...more

Look Into It

A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into. A photograph is usually looked at - seldom looked into. Ansel Adams ...more

Two of Our Favorite Women

Heidi and Natalie are two of our favorite pedal powered women here in PDX, and if you don’t know them you should. Heidi writes and photographs, and Natalie fabricates steel bike frames. Go here to see some photos from Heidi of Sweet Pea raw frames. ...more

Photography as Spiritual Practice

"Her eye captures it, and then her lens - the low quite edge of the land and the relentless roll of the sea. The instant the photo is snapped, the tears begin to flow. Unbidden they slip down her face, carrying things which were mysteries even to unto her own self." ...more

vivid and moving and filled with so many resources! Thank you.more

More Tales of the Baby

[Second in a series.For those just joining us, we are following the parenting adventures of 16-year-old Fudgeteen and his bouncing baby sack of ...more

Photo Blogging: in the Moment, on the Move

I am that person who takes pictures of my dinner in restaurants, of my feet standing on a subway platform, of signs and strange things sitting by the side of the road. A side effect of my photography addiction and refusal to leave the house without a camera is a heightened appreciation for whatever quirky weirdness or random beauty I encounter in the day-to-day. And now, thanks to a cell phone, I can share these images online immediately if I feel like it. ...more

 I haven't tried the mobloging, mostly because my cell phone is so old, the pics are hardly ...more

Hearts of New York City

Happy Valentine's Day! Here are some recent NYC hearts celebrating the seasons. ...more

Anatomy of a Photo Walk

"Try harder, dig deeper." ...more

Picture It: What Does Love Look Like?

"I found a picture of you. Those were the happiest days of my life." The Pretenders What does love look like  - to you?   (Sometimes love looks like Union Square during a certain very special gathering of women in the summer.)  ...more

What a great post.

I actually have a photo of my husband before we knew we were going ...more