4 Reasons Why Women May Very Well Make Better Photographers

For the longest time, we have gotten used to the idea that a male figure would pop up in our heads when we think of a photographer. Even at this time, most of us probably do. ...more
I'm inclined to agree with this article. From a male model's view I've had the best experiences ...more

Photo Printing Fundamentals

Anymore, there’s hardly a need to print photos for personal reasons. With Flickr, Facebook and MySpace, all you need to do to share pictures is upload them onto your computer. But, there are still plenty of reasons to print photos in the professional realm of life. ...more

Beautiful Christmas Food Photo Greetings from Food Bloggers Around the World!

One of the things I love most about food blogs is the amazing food photos. I know from personal experience that photographing food is a challenge, and I admire bloggers who can turn out beautiful photos no matter what they're cooking. Of course when Christmas comes, these talented photographers have beautiful Christmas food photos on their blogs to wish readers a Merry Christmas. ...more

Oh, thanks so much for this list. These are lovely! Shooting food is one of the hardest ...more

Save Polaroid: Instant Film Set to Expire in 2009

Want to help save Polaroid film? You are not alone.  ...more

Thank you for these links! I love Polaroid film and still can't believe they've discontinued. ...more

Capturing Traditions

This holiday season brings out so many much loved traditions. Most families have unique activities, foods, decorations and music that makes this season so special and individualized to our families. (Obviously, right?)I have been thinking about this a lot lately. This is the first Christmas in my entire married life - that's 11 years, folks- where we will be home for that day. I want to make it special for my family and to be honest, I'm a little bit intimidated. I am just not sure where to start. ...more

Need a bio pic for your blog? Here's how to take a great one.

I have a confession to make: I hate, and I mean I hate having my photograph taken. I really, truly, and positively do. There's nothing I abhor more. Like most people, I pick apart every final image of me that I see -- the grey hairs, the tiniest blemish, the unsightly roll. It is a rare person who can take a photograph of me that I find acceptable. ...more

Digital cameras and self-timers are features I use regularly.

After 33 years of ...more

Holiday Photo Printer Round-up: From Portable to Pricey

Confession: I am a dedicated digital photographer without a photo printer. After blowing through countless failed printing attempts on the high-end printers in my college's photo lab, I knew that if I had a cheaper one at home I would end up eating wasted ink and paper instead of groceries. So for regular snapshot printing I stick with the Ritz Camera near me and if I need anything nicer or in black and white I head to Chrome Imaging in DC. ...more

Obscurae: A community art show/fundraiser

On December 5th & 6th Obscurae will premier with one-of-a-kind framed photographs of details in Braddock, PA -- showcased and given away in Braddock. I've had the immense pleasure of working on this show with Jodi Morrison and Ryan, Brubaker, and I'm so excited about the event itself that I keep forgetting to post about it here! ...more