Women Solo; Travelblog Camp; How Not to Plan; Postcards

This is a terrific, (mostly) sensible, hallelujah can I get a witness post with advice for women traveling solo. Road Junky, as usual, tells it like it is. For example, on bringing a journal: So tell your journal all about the delicious club sandwich you had for lunch and spare your friends the boring stories. ...more

Review: The Photoshop CS4 Companion for Photographers

If you are overwhelmed by the complexity and breadth of Photoshop, this book will help you narrow the focus and show you just what you need to know to work with your digital photos. Read the full review at Web Teacher. ...more

Show Us Your Vote

Gena Haskett took a comprehensive look at how you can safely and legally photograph or video record your vote. After you read her primer, grab your camera and whether you vote early or on November 4, we hope you'll share your photos and videos. ...more

So many Americans participated yesterday it was absolutely incredible. And, yes, I share your ...more

Holiday Photo Gifts - Thinking Beyond the Frame

I love picture gifts - I admit it. I love to give them and I love to receive them. This may have a little something to do with the fact that in the three years since becoming a digital SLR fanatic I've logged over 20,000 images on my various hard drives. (Don't ask me how many of these actually make it into print, because the percentage would be very, very low. But the ones that have? Priceless.) ...more


Canadian journalist kidnapped in Somalia to be killed tomorrow - according to kidnappers

  This photo, found on Flickr, is tagged with the name "Amanda Lindhout" and "Canadian journalist". It was taken in Kandahar, where Lindhout previously worked.   ...more

Photography & other news

So I got a job working from home! It's great I'm a web editor/writer. I'm thinking of picking some extra work from home stuff so I can put aside $ for X-Mas and traveling. Also, I'm indulging in one of my (many) passions: Photography. If anybody can give me tips on how to get better, let me know as I'm trying to sell my pics on photostock. ...more

Gaga for the G1

Allow me to nerd out for a moment...  the G1 from T-Mobile with the open-source Google Android platform has got hardcore techies and not-so-hardcore phone aficionados salivating all over themselves.  It looks like a serious competitor to the iPhone, with incredible functionality and a robust operating system.  Whether this is an indication of Google slowly moving to take over the world is another question entirely. ;-) ...more

10 Billion Facebook Photos: Are You Tagged?

The 10 billionth photo was uploaded to  Facebook this month. 10 billionth. ...more

Fascinating that facebook will "store four image sizes for each uploaded photo", ...more

Living Nicely!

To blog or not to blog...blahg, blahg, blahg...After mulling around in the muck and mire of indecision, I have decided to jump into the blogpool and fill more virtual space with my mundane take on Life, or to be specific: Living Nicely! Firmly believing that everything has been said and done somewhere, by someone, I have no expectations of originality or uniqueness for this blog...however, I do believe that even though someone else has been there and done that, it doesn't hurt to try to do it better! ...more

Donors Choose Challenge: Life Through a Lens

Photography changed my life. My first photography teacher told us that photographs give us the most accurate record of our lives, and I believe this more and more the longer I devote myself to picture-taking. This is why I love looking at other peoples' photographs as much as taking my own, and I especially love to see young people excited about photography. ...more