Wilk Raven Rockette the Shetland Pony

More Photos... www.showhorsegallery.com ...more

A trip to the nursery...

Today I took a trip to the plant nursery, to buy a lemon tree, of all things. This little nursery tripped turned into a photo session :PBut why not, nature is amazing :)...more

Holiday Newsletters Are Arriving - Fa La La La La!

Here they come again, cards and even better, envelopes bearing holiday newsletters and photos and tales of travels and details about what life brought and what it took away during this year that’s ending soon. ...more

My Parents Were Awesome (and Yours Were, Too)

What did your parents look like before they were parents?Eliot Glazer, a professional humor blogger searching for a counterpoint to the typical online snark set out to answer this question in My Parents Were Awesome, a simple Tumblr photo blog that is one of my favorite new online destinations. Glazer says,Before the fanny packs and Andrea Bocelli concerts, your parents (and grandparents) were once free-wheeling, fashion-forward, and super awesome....more

I think that site is great.  It brings me back to old times, esepcially now that I am a ...more

The Holiday Family Photo: Keep it Real

On a pre-Thanksgiving dinner beach walk on Thursday, I passed a man wearing a Santa hat standing in front of a chair full of Christmas-themed props. Mistakenly thinking that he and the woman he was with were trying to take their own picture, I offered, as I will sometimes do when I see people in this situation, to take one of them."I'm the PHOTOGRAPHER," he snapped, and I kept on walking after a brief apology.Then I went inside and told Twitter about it, as you do. I even used the hashtag #holidaybeachphotos gone wrong, yes I did....more

I love the Snuggie ...more

Call for Halloween photos!

Every year, around this time, my neighbourhood starts to go crazy with the Halloween decorations.  "You'd think that it was a religious holiday!" I kvetch to my husband, as pumpkins start to appear on doorsteps, fake cobweb is hung in trees, and tiny little costumes (even some for the family pet!) start to fill the aisles of our local Target store.  "I don't get it." But secretly? ...more

I am like you, I am not much into Halloween decorating, unlike all of my neighbors.  I ...more

Photography: autumn colour week

As a photographer myself, I look for inspiration everywhere -- and often, there's nothing like a really good meme to help.  I've been doing Love Thursday for years -- encouraging people to share their images (and words) that depict love -- and there are many others out there that encourage photographers to stretch their creative muscle a bit.  But there's one that has caught my eye this week -- and it's just in time for autumn....more

Alfalfa Fields Forever

Beneath purple mountain's majesty:     Alfalfa blossoms      ...more

Photos Out of Focus: Embracing Bokeh and Blur

When I first started shooting photos I believed in the ultimate power of sharpness, of acuity, of an image unblurred. It's only over time that I learned to embrace what I now believe to be the beauty of softness, of what some might call imperfection in focus but I've reframed as just right for whatever image I happen to be making at the time. I almost excessively embrace the blur. ...more