3 Free Must-Have Photo Apps for New Moms

Now that I’ve gone through it, I can honestly say that becoming a mom was THE most craziest time in my life. The first few weeks are a crazy blur, but luckily I have tons of pictures to help me remember all the sweet moments. I have a DSLR and I love taking pictures with it, but of course my iPhone is way more convenient since it’s on me all the time. And there are a bunch of apps out there that make capturing your baby’s life. Below I have a few that have made my life easier and I hope you will enjoy them too....more

MM - Aviary funny joke

 Hey bird. See the rest of the pictures at - Aviary funny joke~Traci...more

If You Don't Like Our Weather, Just Wait a Minute

It has been said that the state motto of Montana could be, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute." I took some photos which show just how variable our weather can be - even on a mild fall day....more

DON'T GET LOST BEHIND YOUR PROFILE PHOTO........Social media and our Photos.....

I got to thinking today about how so very many of us are on Social Media.....which overall is a very good thing....Social Media has enabled us to connect with amazing people we would never have been able to connect with otherwise.....So yes, Social Media overall can be a very good thing.....What amazes me though is that so many people do not use social media to truly embrace the person they are.....instead they use it to cover up who they are........more

How My Daughters Changed My Mind About Selfies

I know. I’m old. It took me a good long while before I realized “selfies” were a thing....more
fromtracie Thank you so much for sharing! BlogHermore

Love is...

Love is a kiss on your forehead....(Imagine a close up of a mother giraffe kissing her young.)Love is sharing a laugh with a friend......more
Love this.more

Seriously Cemeteries

WARNING: Very photo heavy post today.  This should be a music number, much like Little Shop of Horror's  "Suddenly Seymour" or something.At least, that is how I hear it in my head.  Maybe because I am a bit odd?  *shrug* ...more