Artists of all sorts, feature your work

Hi, I'm Rachel. I run DailyPepTalkFromABestFriendEveryday I post a pep talk, a podcast, and a whole bunch of pics and art. As an art lover, I'm interested in promoting artists with a picture on my site and a link to your blog or info. If you check my site and think your work would be good match, please feel free to contact me. I like all sorts of arts and crafts, jewelry, photos, antiques, cute animals, food and recipies with pics, anything really. ...more

10 Summer Vacation Photo Commandments

The summer solstice puts the actual season a few weeks away, but the May and June proliferation of graduations, weddings, beach trips and barbecues mean summertime even if the calendar hasn't yet caught up. Since so many events often mean much capturing of memories on memory cards (and film? Yes, please?), it seems like a good time to make a little list of Ten Entirely Subjective Commandments for Successful Summer Photography. Let's shoot, shall we? (Sorry.) ...more

Will be sure to come back to this before I leave for vacation!




Buried in autumn's hard clay     dry, ugly, brown bulbs ...more

Mother Nature is Definitely a Mutha.

I've been really bad about posting here on BlogHer.  I love it here so much but with a million things on my mind on a daily basis...something is bound to be forgotten.  I'm over at daily.  But I promise to do my best to be here too! :) Once again it is freezing in New York City. Talking about the weather usually bores me (unless I'm talking about what to wear in certain weather) but lately it has become somewhat of an obsession. I can't take it. Spring, where the heck are ya? ...more

A Christmas Family Photo

its a series really take one: the family stands stunned but the two chairs in front are empty take two: we try to figure out what just happened while Oma drags Opa toward the chairs take three: success! the chairs are filled we have a record of the family together (only the top half of Uncle Greg’s head is missing)   April 6th prompt: something missing ...more

Welcome, Spring!

“…behold, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone.  The flowers have appeared in the land; the time has arrived for pruning the vines, and the voice of the turtledove has been heard in our land.”  Song of Songs 2:11-12 ...more

BlogHer needs your photos for our mastheads!

The masthead on has been featuring photos of and by women in our community for about nine months. It's been a lot of fun seeing all of your faces rotating through that banner - so much fun that we've come up with a new schedule that will allow us to change the photos every Friday. But, we're going to need your help! ...more

 I uploaded mine to the Flikr group, it's under atandrade1, that's me.


The ...more

Hearts of New York City

Happy Valentine's Day! Here are some recent NYC hearts celebrating the seasons. ...more

Computer Is The Family's Scrapbook

When my granddaughter was born four years ago, I put photos of her into every kind of photo-saving device - albums, scrapbooks, Grandma’s brag book, refrigerator magnet frames, etc.  Trouble was, I took so many photos and received so many, that they started getting ahead of me.  When I want to show someone how she’s grown, most often I go for the jpg’s on the computer and attach them to an email.   It’s an extra  step to update wallet photos and to continue buying albums to put on the bookshelf, so I stopped.  ...more

Santa Claus Photos: the Joy and the Tears

It is that alleged most wonderful time of the year, right? Sure the news is bad - really bad, I mean, please, so bad I'm easing up on my CNN addiction, because I just can't handle it anymore. ...more

Ever since I was a little girl,my parents took me to see Santa. It was scary the first time but ...more