How I Updated My Portfolio

So I’ve been talking a lot about this design portfolio re-do, but being new to blogging, I didn’t realize I need to tell you how I did it. So here’s the how-to. I use Cargo Collective, “…a personal publishing platform aimed at creating accessible tools and a networked context to enhance the exposure of talented individuals on the Internet.” I’m using the “Polaris” template, very spare and clean, much like this blog....more

How to Make Instagram Photostrips

I am obsessed with Instagram. I just can't get enough of the iPhone app. It's so much fun to take pictures and add fun little filters and effects. I like how it's also a mini-social network. Well, I love the app so much that I didn't want my favorite pictures trapped inside my iPhone for the rest of eternity. Don't they deserve to see the light of day, too?...more
I love these photostrips!!!more

Creating A Camera From Scratch With Photoshop

This tutorial is (really!) catered to intermediate and advanced users of Photoshop who are looking for new challenges. I almost pulled my hair out attempting this tutorial, especially when it came to the steps involving subtracting and/or intersecting shapes repeatedly using the shape and pen tools. At this point in time, I am still trying to figure out how this technique could be skilfully executed with minimal effort....more

Beastly Beauty

There is a fascinating article, written by academic researchers Elayne Saltzberg and Joan Chrisler, called “Beauty is the Beast”. When I read it, it gave me furiously to think. These thoughts, Imma gonna share....more

How to make your travel photos sizzle

Even though trips must come to an end, travel photos live on. Who hasn’t taken a detour down vacation memory lane before paying online bills by opening a photo folder on the desktop and clicking through the images? How many adults have childhood memories of sitting cross-legged on the living room floor of their grandparents’ home and paging through a photo album stuffed with family road trip pictures?...more

Keep it Real!

I was always that kid who asked, “why?”Why are we here?Why do people from other parts of the world look and talk differently if we all originated from the same place?Why do we have to go to school for 8 hours a day?And, why has a woman never been president?...more
 @CelloMom On Cars Thank you for your insightful comment!  "Objects in this ad appear thinner ...more

Free Photoshop actions to mimic Instagram filters

We all now using Instagram with our iPhone and I bet you love playing with their awesome filters too!...more

Save Time with Photoshop Actions

When my husband and I started our family a few years ago, I took a brief break from photography. Upon returning I was shocked at how much had changed when it came to post processing an image. Suddenly, giving someone images straight out of the camera just didn't cut it anymore. It was the birth of Photoshop actions. What the what? ...more
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Create your own little world

I'm always learning new photography and Photoshop skills - most are fairly subtle, techniques that add depth or nuance to an image. But every so often you get a Wow! thing... and this one is just so simple, I have to share...1. crop a jpg image to a panoramic perspective, at least twice as wide as it is high. If you have huge panoramas you've done, stitching photos together so much the better, but they are not  necessary. Variations in subject height and good contrast for the background will make it easier to  get a good result. ...more