Photoshopping History: Where Is the Line in the Sand?

Today's photographers have a wealth of tools at their fingertips. Not only can they review photos and take more as necessary while out in the field, but they can alter, edit and otherwise create whatever they so desire during post-processing. Otherwise known as "photoshopping," the process can be as simple as editing for bolder colors or as complex as totally removing a person from a photo like The Economist recently did with their cover photo. ...more

I'm very surprised to hear that a publication as respected as the Economist would stoop to this ...more

photoshop | when to use the blur tool - CORRECTED


Thanks for the tip! I love photoshop. Being a blogger allows me to play around on that even ...more

Beauty Talk: Photoshop Disclaimer, Pardon Moi?

It's not news that models in fashion mags are airbrushed, but it seems that the controversy and outrage over their digitally altered flawless skin and emaciated bodies won't go away....more

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A Warning Label for Retouched Photos

Photo retouching in magazines is becoming more and more outrageous. Remember the GQ cover featuring Kate Winslet? The actress was shocked and angry to discover that the magazine used photoshop to make her legs appear longer and leaner than they are in reality. Read the rest here: A Warning Label for Retouched Photos ...more

2009 Swimsuit Brigade for Honest Photos

I wore my bathing suit once this summer, in late August when I went to visit a friend at her parents' house on the Jersey shore. I blame my failure to launch a more timely Swimsuit Brigade for Honest Photos on this, as in previous summers I self-consciously pranced around in swimwear, wondering why I looked so "bad" despite my generally healthy weight, earlier and more frequently. Certainly, this summer has had no fewer body image and photoshopping scandals than summers past. ...more

You really have nothing to be ashamed of.more