Pervasive and Harmful: Phthalates

Ok so it’s a little hard to pronounce, I know.  The first time I heard of phthalates (thal-ates) I had flash backs to high school chemistry class and it wasn’t pleasant. But it wasn’t when I was sixteen, but rather as an adult when I learned about phthalates, a class of chemicals linked to a host of effects like hormone disruption, birth defects, and decreased sperm count. I was simply trying to find safe lotion, make-up and shampoo. Little did I know where my path would lead....more
@FlourSackMama Yes, they do listen Anne! It takes time, but our elected officials are still ...more

After My Son Was Born With a Birth Defect, I Got Anti-Plastics

Few things in life are as stressful as having a baby. After years of disappointment from unsuccessful infertility treatments and multiple miscarriages, my husband and I were overjoyed to learn we were once again going to be parents. It had been two and a half years since the birth of our daughter, and naturally we were excited about the impending arrival of our son.A routine ultrasound provided us the first clue of the rollercoaster of emotion that lay on the horizon. ...more

Thank you for sharing your story -- and for doing something about it. I love that you started 5 ...more

Just Say "No" to Endocrine Disruptors

The list is extensive and growing - bisphenol A, phthalates, parabens, PBDE’s (flame retardants), PCB’s, dioxins, atrazine, heptachlor, arsenic, mercury, lead among them.  Referred to as “endocrine disruptors“(ED’s), a term describing their documented ability to mimic natural hormones and disrupt normal endocrine system functioning, this term certainly understates the myriad of ways in which these synthetic chemicals compromise our health....more

Endocrine Disruptors - From Evidence to Action

 We hear a lot (though far from enough) about “endocrine disruptors” and their impact on our health, but how many of us really understand what they are and what their relationship is to our health?  Given that we’re eating, breathing, and hosting them in our bottles, cups, cars, homes, foods, and worst of all, our bodies, you might like to know what they are.  If you’re at risk for, battling, or determined to avoid cancer, you need to know.  But wait.  Consider the following quote: “For too long, emphasis on what is called secondary prevention (detecting cancer early enough to treat it), has obscured the fact that detection of an existing tumor is not prevention.  True prevention means identifying and eliminating the preventable causes of the disease before it can occur.” - (Breast Cancer Fund’s 2010 ‘State of the Evidence: The Connection Between Breast Cancer and the Environment) If this quote strikes a chord of truth with you, then this 2-part blog is for you....more

Thought You'd Like to Know about Phthalates

Last Friday, I introduced the concept of ...more

Sex Toys: Material Safety

Whether you are single or have been married for 20 years, it's no secret that sex toys can liven up your bed room routine.  From vibrators to sex swings, adult toys can enhance you're already sizzling sex life, or liven up the snooze fest. ...more

CPSIA Stay Brings Time to Find Compromise

On January 30th, 2009, the Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously to place a one year stay on the testing and certification requirements for certain products manufactured for use with children 12 and younger. ...more

Sex Toy Materials-Snake Oils in Sexy Packaging?

Not All Sex Toys Are Created Equally In your search for the perfect sex toy, you may have come across warnings about elusive sex toy materials, in particular phthalates. In 2006, Greenpeace Netherlands and UK started a huge debate and phthalate scare among consumers, retailers and manufacturers of sex toy products by calling on the European Union to ban all phthalates in sex toys. Phthalates are a chemical compound often called “plasticizers” that are used as softening agents for hard plastics, including sex toys or “adult novelties”. ...more

Is tagless clothing causing chemical burns and skin rashes in children?

Does your baby or toddler suffer from red patches on the back of her neck?  Does your baby or toddler wear tagless clothing, such as Carter's onesies?  Are you stumped as to the cause? ...more
not just babies! I got burned by a batch of panties from JC Pennys, I am making my own now.more


Are you aware that Americans are regularly exposed to toxic chemicals in electronic waste, cosmetics, plastics, toys, foods, and other places? These toxic chemicals show up in our blood and the blood of even our youngest children. Did you know that these toxic chemicals can be removed from most of the products mentioned above, and have been removed with no economic consequences for all the consumers in the European Union (EU), about 500,000,000 people? ...more

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