It Is Father's Day - But Dad Was Abusive

Many women find themselves in a difficult position on Father's Day. For many of us who have had abusive fathers -- and I am one who shares that misfortune -- Father's Day raises issues and forces some potentially tough decisions. There is one guideline to remember here -- when it comes time to decide what you plan to do on Father's Day, your comfort and well-being come first. This is not up for debate. Read it again. Your comfort and safety come first. ...more
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Protect A Child, Speak For A Child, Save A Child - This Month, And Every Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. When my editor, Denise, proposed it as a topic for a post, I leapt at it. How timely, I thought, given the child abuse scandal that is currently embarrassing the Catholic Church and challenging the faith of many. Child abuse should be of concern to us every month, of course, but now more than ever seems a very good time to talk about it. ...more
In my country if we mal-treated child we call the hotline to report the abuser even though their ...more

Talking to children about abuse

These are my suggestions for talking to children about abuse, based on my personal experiences.... ...more