The Old Piano

I just saw a TV commercial for life insurance that really struck the wrong chord. It starts with middle-aged siblings discussing how disappointed they are that they have to sell Mom's piano in order to pay for her funeral. ...more

Nov 21 The Amazingness of the Piano

A piano is an amazing thing   A Marvel to Behold. At least, it serves as furniture.  At the most, it is a musical instrument that can stir souls. The box – its been wood for a long time now.  Sometimes a piano is a small upright, no more than maybe 44 inches tall.  Sometimes it can be a tall one, 60 inches at least.  The wood might be black, brown, painted any number of colors.  ...more

Attitude of gratitude: Thankful for music

I don’t remember a time when I haven’t known how to play the piano. I started lessons when I was 4 years old and took them through my freshman year of college. ...more

If Piano Playing Was Like Yoga I'd Be Toned Like A Perfect Middle C

Some days are gloomier than others.  Some days are grey and loom over you like a weight that feels bitter - like the most beautiful thing in the whole world would be to crawl back under the covers and dream of pretty things like sunsets or apple pie (except that last night I dreamed that Zooey Deschanel told me I was getting 'just a little heavy' so maybe I should forgo the pie...).  ...more

Musical abilities at a young age

This morning, I heard distressing news that left me worried, concerned, frustrated, and not wanting to eat even though I was hungry (my body's typical reaction to stress). Instead of allowing distress to ravage me and challenge my well-being, I tried to refocus attention to the positive stuff in my life, and much came to mind, including but not limited to: blogging, being surrounded by friends (and family), playing music, taking photographs, having four wonderful children, carrying no school loan debt (especially considering just how long I have been in school), the list goes on....more

God Connections in Playing Music

There is a song I grew up hearing throughout my childhood.  If someone was to ask my family what ballad stood out the most to them, what melody was most frequently played, it would be this song.The sheet music of the composer has traveled with me from place to place.  It is so ratty and tattered.  I love how worn it has become.  It shows how well used it has been throughout all these years. The book of music holds the notes to renditions I had heard my whole life.  They are the songs I knew best from an artist I thought I knew well....more
Thanks for reading everyone. You can find more of my writing on I ...more

Piano dreams

I miss my piano. ...more

Music lessons as a kid = better cognitive function as a senior

I've been thinking about putting my daughter in piano lessons. We just got a FREE upright piano from my husband's co-worker that's in great shape (the piano, not the co-worker) and right now all she does is bang on it. (She's 5 and my son is 3, so that's about why I expect at this age.)...more

I have both my daughters (13 & 7) in music lessons.

Eldest is learning Drum Kit - I think it ...more

Simon's Activity

I guess this isn't a fully true statement, but I like it anyway. Simon has started piano lessons. Following an email from a friend from the MOMS Club I'm involved with, I contacted a school called The Academy of Fine Arts (about 8 miles from my house, per GPS). They have a class called "Music and Me". Given the books that they use for the class, it's not just this one location, but it's the spot we found. It's designed (it seems) to be the first stage in a long sequence of beginning piano lessons....more

I Hate the Piano

Audrey's been taking piano lessons for a couple of years now, and you might say that she has a love/hate relationship with it.  There have been so many ups and downs and I would have given up long ago, but she really has musical ability and I think it's good for her brain.  We waited until she had been taking lessons for almost a year before we bothered to buy a keyboard for her to practice on at home.  Once ...more