Pickin' & Creatin' in the 1980s

In 1985 my then husband accepted a counseling position in a town outside of Rochester, New York, that I fondly dubbed "Nowhere" New York.  We rented an upstairs flat of an old Victorian home at the corner of a street in town.  I did not work, preferring poverty to spending time with my little girls and we spent the days together playing in the parks, exploring the wooded areas around the big house and catching minnows in the stream out back and then letting them go.  ...more

Late 19th Century Hardware Cabinet

In 1997 I was selling my wares at a little weekend flea market across from an elderly couple who had been picking since the early 1960s. I would often visit their booth and gaze at amazement at all of the one of a kind tins, car parts, pottery, glass and jewelry that were heaped in piles on old dressers and even on the floor. Charlie and Annie were the consummate pickers, though she walked with a cane and he had trouble standing straight....more