Afraid of bitter foods? Try bittergourd (karela) pickle!

Afraid of  bitter foods?  Try bittergourd (karela) pickle! Usually, most of us prefer either the sweet goodies or the spicy savory foods. And opt very rarely for the bitter foods. ‘Bitter’ refers to foods having a ‘sharp or harsh flavor’ this is the main reason we avoid this taste. As I set about thinking about this, I tried to recollect the bitter foods which I had tasted. Immediately two name s came to my mind, coffee and bitter gourd. And if I think deeply, these two have different types of bitterness....more

Instant Grape Pickle

Tangy pickled grapes -an instant recipePickles are an important condiment of Asian food. In India we love to make different varieties of pickles, most of them are oil based.Now good quality of ready made pickles are easily available but still many prefer to make their own pickles. Pickling is an art ,you need experience and passion to make it as it require time and accuracy of proportion of ingredients to make perfect pickles other wise you can ruin the whole thing....more

The Hot Cheesy Dip and Linguistically Ambiguous Foods

Introducing the next Cook the Story series: LINGUISTICALLY AMBIGUOUS FOODS. Whazzat? Time for a Linguistics lesson! (Don’t worry. I’ll make it brief.) Linguists get a bit excited when they’re around ambiguity. ...more

Who Puts a Pickle Spear on a Hot Dog?

Full text at who-puts-a-pickle-spear-on-a-hot-dog/ Is it finally happening? E has wanted to start his own restaurant for a long time – it’s partly the reason he’s stuck around The Restaurant for as long as he has. If nothing else, he’s putting the ol’ business degree to good use and getting a lot of experience learning what NOT to do from BossMan. ...more