Rocco Won’t Eat That – Month 1 Of The Picky Eating Experiment

Do you have a ‘picky’ eater in your house?   Ours is my son, Rocco, whose picky eating is starting to drive me insane with wasted food, tantrums and Pinterest-worthy plate presentations of carrot wheels and letters made out of green beans.  I worry all the time about whether he is getting the vitamins and nutrients he needs and I lose sleep trying to plot sneaky ways to get him to try, or even lick, a vegetable....more

Should We Eat This?

I cannot be the only...who has slaved away in the kitchen, with multiple pots on the stove top, the oven a'baking, and even the BBQ smoking away outside, to finally sit down at the dinner table, look at the food and think, "is this cooked enough?" ...more

The Picky Eater Dilemma

 Max has to be the pickiest eater that ever lived.  Even as a baby he told me right away if he did not like the baby food I was feeding him.  If I tried to feed it to him again he would scream and cry.  When he turned 4 years old his big thing was wanting to eat one thing all the time until he was sick of it and then he would never want it again."What do you want for breakfast, Max?" I would ask....more

It's never to late to follow your dreams.

I'm not the best blogger, but I wanted to share a story about never giving up on your dreams.My grandmother, Velma Dill who is 80 years old, lost bother her mother and husband in the span of two months (November 2011 and January 2012). As a way of helping her overcome the depression and grief of losing her world, she was also told during that time that she would never walk again thus losing her independence to live alone, I decided to dig out a children's book that she wrote a few years ago and attempt to publish it....more

I Wasn't TRYING to Kill Him!

We are an allergy-rich family, chez Valentine.  My kids and my husband each have lengthy lists of foods that irritate their tummies or their skin, and (very fortunately) much shorter lists of items that might actually kill them.  My son carries an EpiPen wherever he goes.  And it is so much a part of his getting-ready-to-go routine that when he's playing dress-up in the playroom, there is a special bristle-block designated "Shelton's Eperpen" that he tucks in the outside pocket of his construction-worker suit....more
=D Thanks, Karen! It's been a fun little adventure for us :) @KarenLynnnmore

Thirteen New Foods!

I know, I know.  It was supposed to be "FOURTEEN New Foods" this week, but there was an issue with the camera accompanying my husband to work after the Spud's playschool Christmas concert instead of coming home with me – where there is finally decent light for taking photos with my dinky point-and-shoot, I might add.  (Possibly while shaking my fist at the sun, muttering expletives, and slopping another dash of Bailey's into my coffee cup....)Ahem....more
Heh :) Maybe I need to try goji berries in a smoothie. I stepped a handful in tea the other ...more

Seven New Foods!

My selection criteria for the 100 New Foods Project are very, very weak.  The food item has to be a whole food or combination of ingredients that I have never tried before, and be readily available in the general vicinity of the stuff on our family calendar.  The grocery store outside the physiotherapy office?  For sure!  The T & T Asian Supermarket near the skating rink?  Absolutely.  The chocolate shop at the mall?  Oh, hell yes!...more
They're not bad. Not great, in my opinion, but if you really enjoy turnip you might like these ...more

100 Foods

I've been giving a lot of thought to the ol' Life List, lately.  Not that I fear grad school equals The End of Life As I Know It, or anything....*whimper*...more
Thank you, sweet lady :-) @HomeRearedChefmore

Picky eater? Not in MY house....yet!

It's exciting, entering the big bad world of introducing SOLID FOOD to my baby.  We've been at it since she was 6 months (now 9 months) and have been "mostly" sailing along smoothly. ...more
My children are all grown, and my 2 grandsons are now 9 and 10, so at least for now I don't have ...more