Kid Food?

“Mom, do you remember the time you gave me a Hoodsie cup for breakfast?” Crap. “Yes, I do. Why do you ask?” “Because that was yummy and fun. Can I have a Hoodsie for breakfast tomorrow?” “No.” “Well, I won’t eat anything else.” And so began my night....more

Kashrut, Ahimsa, and Picky Eaters at Family Meals

On any given night, I make three meals, which may sound like your house as well, except that our reasons probably differ for the assortment of choices at the dinner table. Our family keeps kosher and we practice ahimsa, which means that our five-year-old twins need to perform mental math on a daily basis weighing out what they want for dessert vs. what they want for dinner and divide by how hungry they are in the moment. ...more

It's cool to hear how people work it out living in a non-kosher friendly area (because it ...more

Do You Expect Me To Eat That?

I've been blessed with a child who'll eat just about anything. Sometimes I have to raise an eyebrow at him and question where he got his "i'll eat just about anything" eating habits from, because it definitely wasn't from me. As a child, not only did I have awful food allergies, but there were certain things that I wouldn't think about eating.  Growing up as a kid my parents divorced when I was quite young. My family & I were uprooted from our comfortable life in Upstate New York and moved to NJ. ...more

Macaroni Madness

My preschooler is addicted to macaroni and cheese. She is a bit of a connoisseur, really. She can name that mac with just one bite. “I see it’s Kraft again, Mommy,” she says with a pinch of mac and cheese snobbery. ...more

Eating By the Decades: My Children

My three children were born to the same parents, live in the same house, eat the same food, but were born in different decades. Now why would I mention decades in relation to food? Well, my daughters were born in the 90s, while my son was born in 2003. My daughters are picky eaters, while their brother will eat anything. ...more

Thanksgiving for Picky Eaters

We are the family you don't want to invite for Thanksgiving. I am a kosher vegetarian. The ChickieNob wants to dip everything in cranberry sauce and dribble it across your table. The Wolvog not only doesn't eat certain foods but he will not sit at the same table with those consuming salad, noodles, or cereal. Which leaves good old Josh. Perhaps you want to extend your invitation solely to him. ...more

I don't feel like I was ever allowed to not eat something. I at least had to try it. Once, I ...more

Put It In Your Mouth

Your kids won’t eat? I’m shocked. What a crappy mother you must be. Today’s 5 Facts About Kids That Won’t Eat 1. A fat child is not necessarily a well nourished child (ie, adding butter to everything will not help)<!--break--> ...more

Eat Something, Dammit!

My 20 month old daughter is going through her hunger strike/power trip phase. She has run for most of the day on a dozen pieces of frosted mini wheats with a splash of milk. And I mean RUN all day. She theoreticlly should be ravenous, since she is the wiggliest, most wiry little girl I know. I give her all kinds of activities that might make her hungry. We run around the yard, jump off tree stumps, dance to Elmo music, fingerpaint, you name it. When I ask her if she wants anything to eat, I get "No." Scrambled egg? "No." Banana? "No." Cereal? ...more