Cherry Hand Pies

It's almost Pie and Beer Day, people. Can you believe it?...more

Homemade Mixed Berry Pie

****Happy Independence Day! ****...more

Bourbon Pecan Pie Cookies

I think I've talked about how I love pie. Have I mentioned I like pie? I love pie.But pie is a commitment. Pie is this whole big thing. If you polish one off by yourself, you certainly don't brag about it. When the people who live with you start scavenging about in the refrigerator, moving the milk and shit and asking where the pie is, you feign ignorance. Pie? What pie. I'm sure it's in there somewhere. Did you try looking behind the milk?...more

Breakfast Pie

It All Started With A Pie

We were watching Public Morals on television last week, and one of the characters was sitting on the tub in her teeny tiny apartment, crying because she felt trapped. She was genuinely sad. The Gina of the past could 100% relate. The present day Gina isn’t sad anymore. Even though I am constantly in search of my purpose, I’m happy. I’m happy with life. I’m happy with where my kids are in their lives. I’ve become more accepting of me and who I am and that makes me happy. I’m just happy and happy is good....more

Worlds Greatest Butterfinger No Bake Pie

 I am pretty sure ...more

Biscoff Creamy Pie

Summer is officially here and we are all trying to keep cool. As a cook you try not to turn on the oven as much in summer. Your sweet tooth is craving for a yummy dessert but, you don’t want to turn on the oven. This Biscoff Creamy Pie is going satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you cool! It is light, creamy, and fluffy. I made this pie for our family Father’s Day Dinner and everyone just loved it! It is delicious and I hope you enjoy it....more


...I’m not really a dessert person (I’m usually the person wo-manning the grill… See what I did there?) but I had an overabundance of gorgeous berries in my fridge that had to be used. They were getting a tad overripe. It’s what happens when you have no self control at farmers markets, which, for me, is anytime I’m at a farmers market. It’s okay though, because I never throw anything out. I’ll force myself to use everything I buy and eat it. [Read more]...more

Apple, honey and cinnamon pie

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