Easy As Pie Crust Cookies #ValentinesDay

To me, the best part of the pie is (usually) the crust. No stone throwing, please. I’ve embraced my *cough* uniqueness and I’m comfortable admitting this.  I also don’t mind telling you that I’m the same way with pizza crust.  I think I got it from my dad… I’ve been staring at a package of leftover refrigerated pie crust in my fridge and have succumbed to it’s calling....more

How to Make Gluten-Free Piecrust, Plus a Luscious Pear Pie Recipe

Thanksgiving is coming, and that means one thing to me:  pie. Turkey is great and all, but I am all about the pie on Turkey Day.  So I call it Pie Day instead. Last year was my first year being gluten-free on Thanksgiving, and my poor piecrusts were a great big ginormous piecrust flop.  And I was very sad. ...more
Susan Smartmore

~Jalapeno Popper Pot Pie!

~Jalapeno Popper Pot Pie!   ...more
This looks really interesting - I am tempted to try it!more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Classic Cherry Pie

Time for a picnic—featuring your classic Cherry Pie: suitable for all festive summer occasions, as this fabulous fruit falls from the trees just in time for the Fourth of July…....more

Deep Dish Apple Pie with Calvados

Deep Dish Apple Pie with Calvados - An extra special deep dish apple pie with a French inspired pie filling made with 2 types of apples, butter, cream, cinnamon, vanilla and Calvados. ...more

Quick Pie Crust

For the upcoming holiday I thought that some of you may want some tips on how to find extra time for yourselves, so here's a really quick and easy way to make your double crust pie!...more

Will Pie Weights Solve My Shrinkage Problem?

This. Do you see this? How the edges -- which when I crimped them practically had hospital corners -- sag like the wattle of an aged and melancholy rooster? How the sides have crawled down and away from the pie plate as if the crust were a teenager and the plate its embarrassing mom? ...more

I'm not an expert crust maker, BUT I did learn a fabulous tip at the French Pastry School ...more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Chocolate Cream Pie

Well, last weekend my son turned thirty, and if you multiply that number by two, times several other major occasions, you’ll have the approximate number of pies I’ve cranked out A.C.—that is, After Children. Now that I think about it, this may actually be the most difficult recipe in my cookbook, since it requires stepping into the intimidating waters of making piecrust....more

Grandma Nell's Chocolate Pie

From "Life's a Bowl of Cherries" @ www.3cherrycokes.blogspot.com ...more