Grilled Mini Inside Out Apple Pies

Every time I step foot outside after around 3pm, I smell barbecues. Everyone's out on their deck, enjoying the sunshine, a juicy burger, and an ice cold beer....more

Greek Zucchini, Spinach & Olive Pie with Homemade Whole Wheat Phyllo Pastry

Photo credit: Nancy Anne HarbordIn my recent post about homemade, whole wheat filo/phyllo, I teased you with a sneak peek at one of the delicious vegetable pies I’ve been making with this great pastry. I got fervent requests for the recipe. So here it is!...more

Filipino Egg Pie

Filipino Egg Pie is a classic Filipino dessert resembling an Egg Custard Pie or a Greek Egg Custard Pie. You could say it is a distant cousin of Magic Cake. The pie consists of a pie shell filled with custard filling made of eggs yolks beaten with evaporated milk, sugar, vanilla and lemon juice. At the end whipped egg whites are folded in. The pie is baked until filling is firm and the top is golden. You can make your own homemade pie crust or buy a ready made one at your local grocery store to make it even more simple....more

Strawberry Pie

Continuing with my #StopPinningStartDoing camping I decided to make this deliciously pinned Strawberry Pie.View Post...more

Form vs Content: Chasing After Perfection In A Mushroom Pie

Aaaah, the good ‘ole form vs content dilemma, old as this world, much discussed by artists, philosophers and critics alike. What do these things mean to us, and how do they operate in our daily lives? Are they important? If so, why? If not, why not?  Since we are dabbling in culinary arts here (as humbly as we can), and cooking, after all, is an art, let’s look at the form vs content issue from a point of view of a home cook, shall we?...more

Impossible Broccoli Pie

Key Lime Pie

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and the month of Pi (3-14), I thought why not make a Key Lime Pie.View Post...more

3.14 Leads To Two Controversies

Today is March 14. As in 3.14. Pi(e) Day. Get it? Pi(e) Day? Pi? Pie? Because pi equals 3.14. Yeah, I don't think it's all that amusing either, but it's morphed into Pie Day and I like pie.My husband loves all kinds of desserts, but I think pie just might be at the top of the pack. He adores any kind of pie: apple, cherry, strawberry, strawberry rhubarb, French silk, shepherd's pie and chicken pot pie. Peach pie is his all time favorite pie. He loves peach pie almost to the point of needing medication....more