Recipe Monday - Harvest Peach Pie


Ancestors Gotta Eat! Who doesn't love to eat? I love to cook, collect cookbooks and old recipes, and delve into genealogy and the garden dirt as well. I also love to travel and spend time with my family, friends and my dogs. Sounds like a jillion other blogs? Maybe so, but I have been pondering what to do with the wonderful old family recipe boxes I have received, and I decided to share them by scanning in the handwritten cards and blog with them!...more

Deep Dish Apple Pie with Calvados

Deep Dish Apple Pie with Calvados - An extra special deep dish apple pie with a French inspired pie filling made with 2 types of apples, butter, cream, cinnamon, vanilla and Calvados. ...more

52 pies in 52 weeks

all the major sources indicate that 2011will be the  year of the pie.  move over cupcakes, put down the sea salt and make room for pies!  having completed my second cookbook, i  needed a new challenge.  each week, i develop a new pie recipe, some sweet, some savory, all are original recipes.  visit the blog each week to see what i have come up with then take some time to bake one.  send me photos of your pie and i will post them on the blog....more

I'm still recuperating from my Month of Pies in November! I think a pie a week is much saner ...more

Thankful, Jake, turkey, good friends, Big Stick popcicles(but seriously), flowers, BSB, books, home cooking.

Another Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone, and I can't help but feel a little nostalgic and among other things...thankful. The holiday is almost like a friendly reminder for oneself to put the pieces of your life into perspective. To remind yourself to not take yourself so seriously and to laugh at yourself more than to not...I myself am guilty of getting so wrapped up in one aspect of my life, or a project at hand, that stress takes over, and I forget the big picture. I forget to live life in the moment, which is always the best rule of thumb....more

Holiday Survival: Letting Go of Perfect!

Dressed up children, spotless home and handmade ornaments. The mother-in-law is complementing you on the great turkey and the stuffing is........... Wake up! for more: ...more