How to Roast a Pig and Eat Like a Filipno

Christmas 2008 Philippine Islands....more

Kommt Jahr Zwanzig-Vierzehn Bald, Wirklich?

Kommt wieder das Ende des Jahres. An dieser Zeit habe ich immer volle Gedanken: Was habe ich in der ganzen vergangenen Zeit gemacht? Wie wird es die nächsten dreihundertfünfundsechzig Tage gehen?‘Im Jahr Zwanzig-Dreizehn habe ich sehr viel gemacht. Im nächsten Jahr würde mehr gemacht sein werden,’ möchte ich gerne glauben....more

This little Pig

Learn where your food comes from!These little pigs are out in the fields all day, these little pigs only eat grass and grains, this little pig can come home with me!Imagine a pork farm with no smell, where pigs have room to move and are fed with grass and grains.  It is hard to go back to anything else once the discovery is made....more

Porchetta: A Pork Roast That Sets the Gold Standard

Over the weekend, I headed up to Napa with my friend Jen, who runs the Eat Local Challenge. On our way out of town, we stopped at The Fatted Calf, a purveyor of some of the most amazing charcuterie and sustainable meat products one might ever hope to encounter. In their meat case this particular Saturday? A giant porchetta, ready for slicing and rubbed with a variety of herbs and deliciousness....more
 @wdolderer Unfortunately, I don't think the slow cooker would crisp the skin at all -- too much ...more