What to Expect When Coming Off the Pill

The Pill has been used as a female contraceptive since 1960.  It is currently used by approximately 150 million women worldwide, and is one of the most popular and well-known prescription medications....more

Wait to Start Pill

After mom's give birth, they need to wait at least 3 weeks before re-starting the birth control pill, according to the Centers for Disease Control. This advice is to help decrease the risk of serious complications such as blood clots. I agree, and want to add a bit more information for new moms. I encourage all of my patients to breastfeed their babies for the 6-12 months that's recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics....more

Birth Control: Alternatives to The Pill

Almost three years ago I watched my first Mark Driscoll sermon, called Birth Control. At the time I was single, with no prospective love interest, and had no intention of requiring birth control for a long long time. Three years later: I'm married, and this sermon has truly impacted my life. ...more

My Planned Parenthood Story: I'm Participating in This Blogging Event Today, and You Can Too!

This post  is cross-posted from my blog,  Build Peace,  which is participating in a blog carnival today organized by two Hoosier-based blogs, What Tami Said and Shakesville in support of Planned Parenthood which  as you know is under siege from Right Wing extremists.  Check out the Blog Carnival here. ...more

The Birth Control Pill Debate

Ok, I am sure you are curious about the title of this post, so here you go! I have been on birth control pills since I started college for reasons not even related to birth control. I had horrible cramps and acne, and it seemed to help for awhile. Over the years I have been on 5, yes 5 different birth control pills. I switched so often because they would give me emotional problems like anxiety, moodiness, and I would be just plain mean sometimes. Anyway, my most recent pill I have been on maybe 3 years, is Yaz. I am sure you have seen the TV commercials saying it is dangerous, etc. etc. ...more

This is a great post! I was on BC pills from 2005 until Aug 2010. In Aug 2010 I took myself off ...more

The Growing Options for Birth Control & Threats to Access

According to Claire Brindis, co-founder of the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at the University of California, San Francisco, “Pills, condoms, IUDs have long been the traditional method of contraception.” There are also female condoms, diaphragms, and cervical caps....more

Thanks, BCriswell--Repro rights are not the "fat" but abortion opponents will try to get in any ...more

50th Birthday of the Pill

Ironically, the Pill turned 50 on Mother's Day.  According to an article in last weekend's edition of USA Today, the FDA approved the pill in the first year of the "swingin sixties." However, it clears up misconceptions that the pill did not spark the sexual revolution; also contrary to common belief, it did not cause a sudden drop in the U.S....more

The Pill at 50: It's About Money, Not Sex

When you sit down with a financial planner and hear that if you want your baby to be able to attend private college in 17 years you'd best set aside half a million dollars, it can really change your thinking. People always ask me, do you plan to have more than two children? And I'll crack, "Not unless we win the lottery." And a lot of the people look a bit offended, as if I’ve said something crass and taboo. You’re not supposed to measure babies by their cost. Perhaps. But the U.S birth rate has fallen during the Recession, for the first time since 2000. That's not an accident. ...more

New Research on Birth Control Pills Reeks of Bad Science

Finally! One of the most pressing questions in my life - how on earth did a committed socialist like me end up married to a capitalist finance professional? ...more

Looking at the details of a study is important. It never ceases to amaze me how many people ...more