Me And Dr. Dre

My blog has totally been sucking lately. In fact, if it were an item on McDonald's dollar menu it would be Bloggy McSuck Suck.I don't know if it's the weather (winter … blah) or what. I could spend some time expanding on the fifty-two reasons why the ol' blog has been awful, but I'd rather just move on from Blahsville to Excitementtown.Who knew one trip to Best Buy with my beloved could be the catalyst for this transition? Well, it was the one-two punch of Best Buy and Dr. Dre....more

The Pill: Ironic Reliance on a Non-Feminist Drug

The Pill: No other drug has the audacity to co-opt a generic word all for itself.Pfizer, the nation’s largest pharmaceutical company, lists over 215 products on its website. Yet the Pill’s notoriety as a female contraception drug is so ingrained in the American consciousness, no other descriptors are necessary. Too bad for that also-ran helper Viagra; the erectile dysfunction drug needs the modifiers “little” and “blue” to distinguish it from the Pill. Oh, the irony....more


PHONE CALL FROM ME TO A FRIEND: Blog Directory  ...more

The Science of Kissing: Could the Pill Be at Fault For Your Bad Taste in Guys?

Opposites attract, goes the saying, and we all know about those sayings. With one exception: That of the major histocompatibility complex, or MHC, the group of genes that determines how our immune systems will deal with disease. In short, the more diverse your MHC, the better your chances of fighting off viruses, bacteria and other intruders. All of us inherit your MHC variations through your parents, who, while they didn’t quite sequence one another’s DNA before deciding to start a family, did -- however unknowingly -- biologically select for a distinct MHC type during courtship. ...more

I stopped taking the pill when I became engaged to my husband and relied on barrier birth ...more