BlogTHAT: New Web Series Tackles Blogging Life

Jessica Bern is hilarious. Not just in toothpaste commercials (although also in toothpaste commercials); in real life, too, and especially on the internet. Which is why I was so beyond psyched to hear about BlogTHAT, the new web series she is co-writing and directing with fellow blogger (and business partner) Deb Anderson, and had to grill her about its every detail to share with you....more

Pilot Dies in Flight, Plane Lands Safely

The pilot of a Continental Airlines jetliner died midflight on Thursday morning as the plane, carrying 247 passengers, was en route to Newark from Brussels, the authorities said. Two first officers took control of the plane, a Boeing 777, which landed safely at 11:47 a.m. at Newark Liberty International Airport. ...more

Need a Hero? 'Miracle on Hudson’ Pilot C.B. "Sully" Sullenberger also a Small Business Owner Helping Other Enterprises

The US Airways pilot who brought a jet down safely into New York’s Hudson River earned a reputation for safety before he saved all 155 people aboard the damaged plane.  When Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger is not flying commercial aircraft, he serves as president as a safety consulting firm.  The former fighter ...more

Synchronicity: Sully and Obama

I Left My Heart in Santa Fe

 Sadly I had to leave my pilot and come home. My only regret is not having used the fireplace for a romantic ending. I was not sad to leave Santa Fe, but I could feel my throat choke up at the thought of saying goodbye to my wing man. ...more

My Mother Had Wings

I read a blog entry the other day written by a young woman who said she didn't believe in heroes. That the only person you should have to look up to is yourself. Hogwash, I say. (And awfully narcissistic, to boot.) Meet my hero - my mom: Out at the Castor homestead. ...more

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