Smokey Pimento Cheese Queso Dip

I am in love with any dip that includes cheese!   Yes, loads of cheese.  To be honest, I just love cheese, in dip, with a sandwich, plain, at midnight, straight out the fridge, with a few grapes. Yes, my cheese addiction is that bad....more

Comfort Of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

In exactly two weeks, I will be on my way to Denmark and Germany for World Masters Championship. The pressure of a big competition is mounting and I can feel it both mentally and physically. Comfort food is especially alluring right now but more importantly than ever, I have to eat healthy. How unfortunate. Because I’m experiencing the biggest craving for grilled cheese sandwiches right now....more
 @victorias_view  Haven't really thought about it yet. Cravings are pointing to old favourites ...more