Is There Pink Ribbon Fatigue?

The other day, I wrote about the passing of breast cancer survivor and Pink Ribbon advocate Evelyn Lauder.In a somewhat unfortunate twist, the iconic symbol that Ms. Lauder so tirelessly promoted, has recently come under attack....more

Just In Time For October

 No pink ribbons for me PLEASE! ~Please note that this was originally published on my personal Blog "Walkin' With the Wild Woman" on September 29, 2011~...more

Are You Aware of Breast Cancer?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you do not know this already, you soon will, as marketers will inundate the shelves, airwaves, and pages with items you can buy to raise awareness for breast cancer. You will be made to feel like you are doing something very important by buying anything in a pink package. You are saving women by making them aware of breast cancer! Never mind that some of these very same products contain chemicals that are linked to causing cancer. Never mind that many of these companies give very little to breast cancer organizations. ...more
You have some really valid points and I agree with a lot of what you said. As the mother of 2 ...more

Feeling Pinked Out?

How ’bout those pink-shod NFL players? Ahhhhh, do try the pink lemonade compliments of Delta airlines, and since they do not throw in a pink dinner, be sure to bring your own pink bucket of KFC.  Tell me, have you enlisted your kitty in the cause for The Cure with pink Purina cat food?...more

I walked The3Day last year; lost my best friend years ago to breast cancer. That said, it seems ...more