Why My Blog Is Breaking Up With Pinterest

Blogging can be such a fickle mistress. One day you are sailing along on cloud nine, your page views are up and you are beating off new subscribers with a stick. And then something happens and your whole blogging world falls apart. Your page views plummet, and it feels like you will never get traction again. And as you stand in the rubble, looking around, you find yourself asking, "What the hell happened, and how did I end up here?" Something changed and everything you thought you knew now seems wrong. For me, that something was Pinterest. ...more
Thank you for being so honest and sharing your experience. I have been blogging for a VERY long ...more

Small Business Marketing: How To Utilize Promoted Pins On Pinterest

Pinterest recently rolled out its Promoted Pins feature to all businesses after a beta phase with some select companies....more

3 Free Pinterest Tools that You Need to Try Right Now

Whether you are hooked on Pinterest, or just use it as a 'social media tool,' randomly pinning whenever you need to plan a new party​ or looking for some Valentine's Day ideas, you are a pinner. We are all looking for easier, smarter tools to get more out of the site! I want to introduce you to the following awesome tools that will make your life with Pinterest better. ...more

How To Maximize Your Time On Pinterest as a Small Business

With beautiful images, interesting content and a visual format that can keep an audience captivated for hours, Pinterest is a social platform that has a dedicated user base....more

This Is Either Madness Or Brilliance. It’s Remarkable How Often Those Two Traits Coincide.

Reason number 25 to move to Costa Rica: That happy surprise about the Tico genius and sense of humor. ...more
Love the giraffes!  Off to read some more...  :)more

Is Social Media Giving You Christmas Envy?

How often do you look at someone else's social media feed and feel the pressure that you're not living up to some impossibly unrealistic standard? Have you fallen into the trap of comparing yourself to the seemingly fabulous lives others are portraying on social media and feel that you're somehow falling short? It happens to me all the time, and it's not a good feeling. Frankly, it sucks and during the holiday time of year, it's even worse. I'm not some crafty DIYer or chef or baker or candlestick maker. ...more
Yes, I feel it too.  In fact, I feel all kinds of envy so much via the social media platforms, ...more

5 Great Tools for Curating Blog Content

Information on the Internet moves so quickly that it's easy for your list of links to share and posts to read to look like the bottom of your purse: a place that your hand scrapes and quickly retracts from as it feels the mess. ...more
Paper.li is absolutely fabulous!more