How to Take Better Pinterest Photos with Your iPhone

Some of my favorite articles and blog posts to read on my own time are those about the “business” of blogging.  I love when people are candid with tips and techniques that worked for them– no matter what stage you’re at, it’s incredibly helpful to learn from those who are successful!  I thought I would share some of the things that I wish I had known before I got started. ...more

How Pinterest Makes Me Feel Like a Giant Failure

 like Pinterest for some things --- we all do. But most of the time, Pinterest seems like it’s screaming inadequacies down at me from Martha Stewart’s land of Craftocleanonia. Every time I open the app, Pinterest suggests something I’d never have time for, never want to have time for, or just am too damn lazy for. I want to try. Oh, how I want to try. But Pinterest, you deter me at every turn. I’m not talking #nailedit type fails. I’m talking about sapping my will to live....more

5 Reason's I'll Never be a Pinterest Mom

Pinterest scares the shit out of me. And I am fairly well-versed in social media. In fact, I have a Pinterest page. I think....more

14 Easy Ways to Celebrate Find a Rainbow Day

It doesn't matter how many rainbows I've seen in the last 40 years. Whenever I encounter a new one, there's something about the phenomenon that makes me grab my camera and record it for posterity. Right? I can't be the only person who has random iPhone pictures of blurry rainbows. ...more

Social Media Advertising For Small Business – Part 6 – Instagram And Pinterest

In this final episode of our blog series on social media advertising, we’re tackling two relative newcomers to the game....more

A Pinterest dream come true for fashion lovers

So, I think I just found the site that has every outfit I've ever pinned on Pinterest. The name of the site is pretty fitting - The Lookbook Store. I never looked at the prices of these adorable outfits when I pinned them. I just assumed they were expensive... uh, think again! And to make this whole thing even better: Shipping is free on EVERYTHING - no matter what country you live in!...more

I Saw it On Pinterest: The Braided Bun

How many times have you found something on Pinterest and you thought it was the answer to all your problems. Well, maybe not ALL your problems… but certainly the problem of what to do with your hair when you wake up with a big ponytail crease in it and no desire to shower.I pinned the instructions for a braided hair bun ages ago and finally got the chance to try it out. You can click here to check out the instructions that I used to try to recreate The Beauty Department’s Braided bun look....more

Pinterest Lies Sometimes

Between Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, we have no shortage of life nuggets, quotes and sentiments crossing our paths everyday. Some are good; some are funny. Some of them make us feel understood and validated. But a lot of them are just … lies.Pinterest is a well-oiled, fine-tuned, lie-spreading machine....more

Adding Text to Images in PicMonkey

As bloggers, we all want our posts to be full of beautiful images that are ready for Pinterest! This means we need to add some text to them in a way that is pleasing to the eye. I own Photoshop … but know what I use now? PicMonkey. It's free, and it's so easy that I can edit a photo there faster than I can get one of those expensive programs to load on my computer. Let's get started!...more
I recently started using PicMonkey and love it. I found your posting to be helpful too. It's a ...more