Make Your Pinterest Pins Go Viral

Bloggers LOVE Pinterest. Not only is it a great way to get our work out there for people to discover, but it is also an awesome source of inspiration and a fabulous one-stop-shop for creative ideas. I lay out my entire Pinterest strategy in my e-book, but today I wanted to talk about some common characteristics that I see in pins that go viral. Now obviously every post that does well on Pinterest will not have the same attributes, but there are a few trends that I've noticed that I try to consider when putting together my posts. ...more
I'm just awed at what people know. Really, such savy and wit and smarts. Cool stuff.more

100 Days of Pinterest: Days 17-19

Spring is one of my favorite times of year. I love seeing all of the trees and flowers begin to bloom. It's a nice change from the cold, dreary winter we have here in Ohio.Since it has been so nice, I've made it a point to work outside as much as possible. I have projects to complete and now is as good a time as any! It helps having this Pinterest challenge, I have started adding to my creative chaos....more

That Day I Totally "Nailed" It

As promised,  here is the first of a two part debut for my Jen Nails It Pinterest Challenge....more

The Pinterest Mom

A friend of mine had a party for her two year old this past fall (her adorable, highly articulate, and abnormally verbal 2 year old, lol). The theme was "Barnyard" or "Farm" because this little girl, like many 2 year olds, loves animals! The decor at this party was out of this world. A chocolate cake outlined with kit kat bars that resembled a mud hole, complete with little pink fondant pigs face down in the mud and even backstroking through the chocolate. There was no question my dear friend had looked to Pinterest. Pinterest has become a phenomenon....more

Reality VS. Pinterest- A Holiday Home Tour of Sorts

Recently, I started a part-time job. I’m loving it. And, it has to do with blogging. Get this…I work for another blogger! It’s really fun, and she is such a sweet person and has like 5 million more followers than me or something. So, I’ve learned a lot too! In the process though, I’ve also be looking at a lot of crafts, DIY projects, and holiday home tours. I can now say that looking at pinterest is part of my job. “Yeah, honey. I’m working.” wink wink....more

Day 13: NaBloPoMo on Pinterest

Some blogging ideas aren’t. Ideas, that is. They are no-brainers....more

My Pinterest Meal

I'm glad it turned out well! I pin all the things I want to make to Pinterest and then pull it ...more

Five Unconventional Ways to Use Pinterest to Rock Your Blog

While I could talk to you about the importance of pinning regularly, having pretty boards, following people, etc., etc., you've read that on hundreds of blogs. You've even read that here. I think that most of the seasoned bloggers have that part of Pinterest down. But did you know that there are other ways that you can use Pinterest that will rock your blogging world?...more