Motivational Monday #21

Happy Monday y'all!  I'm sure many of you are excited that it's a short work week; thanks to our nation's birthday!  I know most of you probably aren't excited that the Fourth isn't on a Thursday, Friday or a Monday to prolong the weekend, but a break in the middle of the week will be nice. I hope you all enjoy these motivational images!! In honor of our nation's birthday I thought I'd put this one on there!! ...more

Project Pinterest: Pallet Crafting

Happy Wednesday! It's time for me to share another one of my Pinterest Projects. The project that I am talking about this week is not actually completed yet, but I've been working on it for two weeks and since I didn't share anything with you last week I thought I'd better fill you in. I wouldn't want you to think that I'm slacking or anything....more

I kind of don't want you on Pinterest

How do I say this...I don't really trust you. Pinterest is a place to share things with my friends. You know, people. Humans. Other (mostly) women who like to see pretty photos of things we might make, cook, or try with our kids one day....more
I'd actually prefer them on Pinterest over Facebook. I'm a social media marketer, and I even I'm ...more

Feeling Pinsecure? Let It Go, Super Mom!

Pinterest doesn't make us insecure or incompetent as mothers. Not having faith and confidence in ourselves and not loving ourselves and our fellow moms for who we are and what we do is what makes us feel like less than super moms. If we moms stopped selling ourselves short and stopped going "Mean Moms" on each other, we'd see that we are ALL awesome and super moms -- bloggy or non-bloggy -- just by being who we are....more
 @ActivityHero I totally agree!more

Expanding Your "Social" Circle: Welcome to the Party

Recently, my friend Gary admitted to feeling a bit anti-"social" — a little disconnected from the electronic connections everyone seems to be making. What he needed, I told him, was a chance to get to know the popular players. As luck would have it, my perky friend Eventbrite was throwing a party that very Friday night. So I brought him along....more

If Emily Posted: On Third Party Apps And Playing By The Rules

We’re responsible for reading the fine print on the social sharing sites and apps that we use. We’re responsible for being mindful as to how we share content, respect copyrights and gain necessary permissions. Isn't it up to third party apps to do the same? ...more
@BlogHer I'd love it if @instagram paid attention to some of this.more

Oh, how Pinteresting!

I really look forward to each Wednesday for Oh how Pinteresting....more

Motivaitonal Monday #19

Hi my lovelies!!  I'm sorry this past week I've slacked, was out of town visiting family and went to a fabulous wedding!  Before I start off my Motivational Monday, I just wanted to get something off my chest: I got my first negative comment.  While it wasn't too terribly bad, I was still irritated.  While I will not address who commented, I will say you do NOT know me as a person, and do NOT assume you know what kind of person I am!  People, if you can't keep your negative comments to yourself, then don't say them.  Actually, don't read my blog or follow me!...more

Meet Pinstamatic

We're all pretty familiar with pinning web content onto our Pinterest boards, right? I often find myself pinning recipes, accessories, social media finds all the while these pins point to an actual landing page for more information....more