Understanding the Social Media Landscape

Struggling to keep on top of how best to market in the constantly shifting social media landscape? BlogHer Inc. recently published our fifth annual study of women and social media, conducted with Vision Critical, a market research and analysis firm. The results provide marketers who seek to grow audiences of women online a key window into the opinions and purchase behavior of women who use blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social tools....more
What is social media? I don't know- I know that when i take it out of my life i seem to enjoy ...more

Beautiful Headboards

Who says a headboard has to be a 'board' or even a traditional 'headboard'.  I think we all love our bedrooms as it is the place we spend most of our quiet time and should be a sanctuary for us to relax, rest and rejuvenate.  Since the bed is usually the focal point, I thought we could look at some beautiful and different headboards, contemporary and traditional.  I will do another blog on the 'healthy' bedroom. ...more

Pinterest Pleasures: Am I Shallow?

Why yes, yes I am. Let me tell you why.Menopausal depression and mood swings should be my comfortable old friends by now. Except, of course, that I hate them.I swing from blue, to cranky, to angry, to teary, to sweet as pie, to wanting to pull my hair out, to wanting to pull YOUR hair out. I don’t even know you, you say? Doesn’t matter. I still want to snatch you bald, then hug you tightly and cry on your shoulder.Uh-huh. You talking to me? You talking to ME?I love you. You have sparkly eyes. May I gently pinch your cute round cheek?...more
 @gab15th Hugs! Wow! When I'm speechless, that says it all. Thanks.more

It's All In the Details: Entry Doors

As I said in an earlier post about entries being the introduction to your home's interiors, the entry door is just as equally as important.  Your entry door is another detail to the architecture of your home--single door or double doors, metal or wood, glass or no glass, iron or no iron, the door surround, the color, the hardware, etc.  It is the gate way to your home and it deserves some time.  ...more

Organization: As Elusive as Balance

I have said it before, and I will say it again.  In many ways, I feel like I'm an organized disaster. I'm organized, but it feels like never all the way. And I really WANT to be organized. All the way. I dream about it. I drool over it. I crave it.Which is why I'm ALWAYS organizing....more
 @SunbonnetSmart.com I know, the sheets are sooo cool!more

Fabulous Finds #7

Happy Friday y'all!  Today for my Fabulous Finds I'm going to share you my finds from Pinterest.  It's been a while since I've shared with you my pins.  And I've been pinning away so much! Some of my favorite pins come from Joe Ruggerio Sr., Tracey Chan, Veena Shereetha, and Julia Craig. Enjoy these!!...more

Well, Fancy That, Pinterest!

While everyone is busy pinning away on Pinterest, there’s an interesting contender sneaking up on the horizon that you may not have heard of yet.  Now, don’t get us wrong. We love Pinterest as much as the next person. We can sit for hours Pinning away. We’ve built boards on dream houses, built a wardrobe even Princess Kate would be envious of and have posted our way to a positive mind and body....more
I really fancy this post! Going to check it out now!more

"Hello. My Name is Elayne and I'm an Addict"

"Hi. My name is Elayne and I'm an addict"... Isn't that what people say at 12 step meetings?  Well, I think  I need to find one as I have discovered the wonderful, time-eating, totally addictive world of Pinterest....more

Motivational Monday #6

Happy Week y'all!  I hope everyone's work week will be wonderful and that you get everything done you needed to and that it's not too stressful!  I'm hoping that today I will get back into my weekly regimen; I haven't worked out in a week...ugh!  I didn't get a chance this past weekend and early week because I was in L.A., and then my knee has been bothering me, so I wanted to give it a rest.  Still bothering me a slightly, so we shall see how it goes this week.  Don't want to injure myself seriously before the Cooper River Bridge run at the end of this month....more

Walking on Paint

Last Thursday I mentioned that my daughter has a proclivity for painting her entire body. It's true. And we do a lot of painting. We love painting. Some days it's a little much for me to handle. Whether she's finger painting or brush painting or any other kind of painting it usually ends with a bath. ...more