Help for The Hopeless Cook

      As a lifecoach I'm supposed to give advice to others on how to live life, right? Well I often find myself looking for advice myself. In reality I need a cooking coach. I've been married 30 years and have not mastered the art of preparing a wonderful meal. Satisfying, filling, general, okay meals but not something you'd put on Pinterest or sometimes even in your mouth. Monday night the meal I cooked went over like this: Me: It's a little dry isn't it?...more

Oh, how Pinteresting!

It is officially the middle of the week!   Yessssssss!   Seriously.  All day Monday I thought it was Tuesday.  All day Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday.  I just hope I make it to work on Friday and don't wake up thinking it's Saturday! Anywhoo, time to link up with Michelle again for Oh, how Pinteresting!   ...more

First Lady Michelle Obama Joins Pinterest (Help Her Pick Some Good Pinboards)

Oh FLOTUS, what took you so long to join Pinterest?  The social media site is right up your alley.  Think of all the gardening tips you can find and post.  The delicious recipes accompanied by mouth-watering photographs that you can use on all those vegetables coming out of the White House garden.  And as the Queen of Style, you can pick up so many dress ideas from other fashionistas. Yes, the First Lady Michelle Obama has come today to Pinterest. ...more
 @nwlocavore  Those photos are gorgeous!  Now delving in to find some recipes to try this weekend.more

Are You Hanging Out Online with the Rest of Your Demographic?

Ever look around your favourite social media site and note the people you find there?  Are you where the rest of your demographic is located, or are you the odd one out?  And is being the odd one out beneficial since you stand out in a crowd? An infographic on the BlogHerald recently broke down who is where, and what we can learn from the type of person who is drawn to each site. ...more
I am heavily on Pinterest (the upkeep drives me batty), I am new to Twitter with still learning ...more

Dis(pin)trested...why I chose to delete my Pinterest account

Several of you reading this are probably thinking how ridiculous I am for deleting my Pinterest account....more
I agree Jenna, as a tool it is wonderful. Unfortunately, the added pressure of more things to do ...more

It's time to become a pinner!

 If you are not yet, it’s time for you to become a pinner! What is Pinterest? ...more

Fabulous Finds Friday #12

Happy Friday everyone!  I can't believe it's already here; gotta love a 4-day work week!!  I don't know about you, but I couldn't get my days right to save my life!   ...more

Motivational Monday #16: A Little Red, White, & Blue

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday off!  I sure am!  I did manage to get my house cleaned and in some sort of order (I need to do a little Spring cleaning), and I spent yesterday at the lake with some friends.  Thank you Donna & Jimmy for the gracious invite, and as always, when I'm with y'all I have a fabulous time!  I think I got a little too much sun on the front and too little on the back (I'm two toned..ha!)....more

Images have IMPACT


Is Pinterest the Problem?

 Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia) ...more