Pinterest's New “Rich Pins” Will Give Richer Integration to Brands

With the release of this newest Pinterest tool, Rich Pins, all online marketers are going to be wondering what it can do for their brand. Will it make things easier, more difficult or perhaps they are wondering whether it will be useful at all? We will discuss the positives and negatives and how marketers will be able to use this latest feature to enhance their brand....more

Word of Mouth Marketing on Pinterest

As you probably know by now Pinterest is a powerful visual marketing tool. Many marketers are taking advantage of the Pinterest Boards to showcase their products, specials and promotions. ...more

Fun Changes to Pinterest Announced!

We love Pinterest and last yesterday they rolled out some new changes that you’re going to love, too!Love to pin images of food? Love to share your favorite recipes? Then you’re going to bubble over when you hear that now your recipe pins will have cook time, ingredients, and servings!...more

Pinterest Etiquette and The No-Good Person Who Stole From Me

Is that title too long? ...more

The Every Day Challenge

I’ve been quietly cataloging the proliferation of things like 30day challenges that I see floating around everywhere from Instagram to Pinterest to Facebook. I love the idea of having a smorgasbord of options from which to choose how to improve oneself, but I think we are getting overloaded. Organize your house, tone your abs, be assertive, find forgiveness, love generously, work efficiently…we spend so much time gathering ways to improve, that I don’t think we actually give ourselves the chance to do much improving....more

Pizza Monkey Bread AKA Pizza in a Bad @$$ Pocket

I saw a recipe for Pizza Monkey Bread on Pinterest using refrigerator biscuits, and thought my boys would love it.There are few things yummier than a Pillsbury Grands Biscuit.  Their pull apart layer by delicious buttery layer goodness can only be surpassed by their scrumdillyosis crescent rolls. ...more

Ho Hum Sandwich

The boys are home for spring break, so lunch just got a lot more complicated.  Sam eats hot lunch at school, Evan takes a lunch, cause his school doesn't have a hot lunch program, and he is old enough to make his own lunch, so I really don't have anything to take care of when school is in.  However when school is out it's like they forget that they are capable of doing something for themselves, and look to me to take care of everything.  The only problem is, I don't wanna!  Its spring break for goodness sake, I want to sleep in and have time off too. ...more

Five Groovy New Pinterest Features

Pinterest is still in the process of rolling out the new look to all users, and although I haven’t been using Pinterest much in these past few weeks, I have switched over and given it a good look around. Here are my five favorite new Pinterest features....more
@Elaine Griffin Oh, wow! Too cool. OK. PHEW! What a crisis. Happily averted.  :)more

1st Birthday Parties in the Age of Pinterest

A couple of months ago, when I realized that Isla’s 1st birthday was close enough I should probably start thinking about, I went to the modern mom’s go-to spot for birthday party ideas: Pinterest. ...more
I totally agree! I have friends who love party planning/crafting, but it's just not me. I bought ...more

Effective Use of Demographics in Targeting Social Media Users on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram

The most effective use of social media is to target where your audience is most active. Too often marketers preach to the choir or “talk” to an empty auditorium. In actual fact, U.S. social network users (163.7 million strong) are a very diverse group, particularly using Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram....more