Dear Pinterest, I Want to Go to There

Planning your next trip just got easier and more fun with Pinterest's newest feature, PLACE PINS. I think the new pins will make even moving to a new city more interesting too. I've got step-by-step directions to guide you through the process of creating your own PLACE PINS and PLACE BOARD below.     ...more

DIY Book Ornaments

Have you gotten into the Christmas spirit? I’ve been tuning in to Michael Buble Holiday on Pandora. It just makes me smile. There is something so cozy about crafting with chai tea, Christmas music and my sweet little Emaline.Today I’m crafting book ornaments for the vintage tree I’m planning. How many Christmas trees do you decorate in your home? Last year we had four and I think this year we might go for five! I LOVE Christmas, just a bit....more

Increase Links by Getting a “Pin” on Pinterest

Mega search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing now have some competition from a surprising source—Pinterest. People are bypassing typical search engines and going straight to Pinterest for everything from fashion to recipes. Transit Systems created a Pinterest account in hopes of expanding our web presence—and we haven’t been disappointed! ...more

Have You Pinterested Today?

I spent the early part of this morning adding pins to my boards on Pinterest  and as I was carefully cataloging travel, quilting, holiday and food pins, I realized something. So many of us with chronic illness aren't just fighting to be well, we're fighting to maintain our own identities. A common theme that I've found in many of the blogs I follow is that we are refusing to let our illnesses define us. Easy to declare, not so easy to do some days....more

Why I Stopped the Pinterest Madness and Why I'm Trying Again

I confess: I stopped pinning....more


no that's not a typo, it's a mashup of pinterest + inspired, which is exactly what pinterest should do - inspire. so each week i will share my favorite pins....more

Pinterest and I are cool now.

When Besfrinn Cameron told me about Pinterest a hundred years ago, I checked it out. Surprise, surprise: I didn’t like it. Where the heck were all these pictures even coming from? I doubted the credibility of their pretty. Why were they assaulting my eyes in a little tiled way, expecting me to organize them into boards? Ugh, all I needed was a virtual junk drawer for me to organize. And why did Pinterest think it was so great that people had to be invited to use it?Get down, Pinterest. Get over yourself....more

The Astounding And Growing Power Of Pinterest (INFOGRAPHIC)

Pinterest has grown dramatically among online users since it first came onto the social media market. Still a very young website, Pinterest has developed into a extremely popular sharing social scrapbook-style site. It is a really good way to share with others whatever you find interesting....more

The Best Time of Day to Post on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

Ever wonder when, in general, is the best time of day to post on Facebook in order to have your status update read? What about the best time to tweet? There will be individual exceptions to the rule, for instance, if all of your friends are insomniacs, but Social Media Today posted an infographic covering the best time of day to post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest in order to have the most eyes on your post. ...more
starting a new website this is definitely gonna help me :pmore

Pinterest's New “Rich Pins” Will Give Richer Integration to Brands

With the release of this newest Pinterest tool, Rich Pins, all online marketers are going to be wondering what it can do for their brand. Will it make things easier, more difficult or perhaps they are wondering whether it will be useful at all? We will discuss the positives and negatives and how marketers will be able to use this latest feature to enhance their brand....more