50+ Must See Pinterest Pages

Everyone knows I love Pinterest. With over 14,000 pins, I am a little addicted! So I wanted to share with you 50+ of my favorite Pinterest pages. I have found so much inspiration with these pages- I hope you do too!...more


Oh how I love Pinterest. It has sucked a lot of my time I will admit. I will go a few days without checking it and then it is like I have to make up for it. But, our dinners are never dull and it made christmas go by smoothly. I may even be motivated to organize. But what I really love is that one minute I can pin everything bacon or chocolate then the next every exercise or detox drink that promises to make me lose ten pounds in two days. But overall I enjoy spending Sunday evening or Monday mornings looking for recipes for the week. ...more

Social Media and the Tip of the Iceberg

Going into this upcoming year, in addition to your other resolutions, make sure you give yourself a new outlook on social media that you keep longer than February.  While we may think we have the whole story reading someone else's blog or Facebook feed or Twitter account, remember that we're looking at a curated life and not the whole picture.  We all have details we share and details we hide for various reasons, and the main thing to remember is to not compare your life to another person's life since what you're really comparing it to is a snippet of their life and not the whole deal. ...more

Pintastic Party Blog Hop

 Come join our Pintastic Party Blog Hop.  If you love Pinterest and networking with other bloggers, take a look!...more

Pinterest Makes Me Fat

Courtesy of a shared link from the Facebook page Humor is Contagious....more

Pinterest: Put a Pin in that Brilliance!

I cannot overstate how much I love Pinterest! In the olden days (read: six months ago), magazines devoted to women, and parents, and living simply were quite the guilty pleasure o'mine. I especially loved the suggestions for creating a chic and clutter free home.http://sillyevennumbers.blogspot.com/2012/12/put-pin-in-that-brilliance.html...more

From Etsy to You: The Perfect Gifts for Social Media Lovers

Your sister/best friend/cousin/partner lives and breathes social media, and you are itching to buy your gifts off of Etsy in order to support artists and small business owners during the holiday season. You're in luck because we've compiled a best of Etsy gift guide to help you quickly choose the perfect gift that celebrates blogging, Facebook status updates, and tweets. ...more
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My First Completed Pinterest Project!!!!

Ok, so I know I've blogged about it once or twice or maybe even three times on here. I found this pic on Pinterest: Well, I finally completed it. Here's my version which is very similar....more
You did a really good job on this :)more

Potatoes on the Go!

My Dad lived alone for many years, and was very independent in his nature, which intensified as he aged. Eventually, we all lived together, yet he retain his independent habits for as long as he possibly could. He didn't like to be bothered by the physical constraints of life, such as eating, as it was inconvenient. He had places to go and things he wanted to do....more
@KarenLynnn :) Thank you, Thank you for your sweet words, Karen Lynn. Everything I know about ...more

Verify Your Website on Pinterest Today!

If you use Pinterest as a marketing tool, the website verification will make it a little easier for you to have your whole profile seen by people interacting with your content.Slowly but surely Pinterest is rolling out this verification process, which will allow users to see your entire website URL in your profile and in search results. In other words, instead of seeing a little globe by your name, they get your full URL right there in their face! Neat, right?!...more