Pinterest, party of one

I'm always late to the party.  Half the time I don't even show up, because I either get lost or I lose focus when I see a White Castle.  The Pinterest party is no different.  Okay, so I'm not talking about an actual Pinterest party where people gather and make craft projects.  I'm confident I wouldn't be invited to one of those either, as I'm sure there's something in every one's home owner's insurance policy prohibiting my presence when glue guns are involved.  It's not an unreasonable clause....more

Why I Won't Throw My Kid a Pinterest Birthday Party

I have a confession to make. My son just turned 6 this week. And... I dropped the ball, so to speak, on planning a big basketball birthday party like he had originally asked for. There are so many moms out there who are far more creative than me. It's easy to look at Pinterest (like this boy's basketball party, which is awesome) and think that I'm failing when it comes to throwing my children cool birthday parties. ...more
My son's birthday is 12/27 and even though we celebrate early Decmeber or in January, the ...more

Are Pinterest Valentines Making Us Devalue Our Kids' Ideas?

Rumor has it that Valentine's Day is this week. I know this because my Instagram feed is full of the craftiest, shiniest, glitteriest, cutest-saying-est Valentines I have ever seen. Anne at Floral Showers decided to go with the heart-shaped melted crayon craft for her daughter to give out, complete with a cute little saying that she found online. Her daughter had a different idea, but scrapped it when Anne raised an eyebrow. It got Anne thinking about many things we teach our kids about giving and their own ideas. It's definitely a must-read for this holiday. ...more
Eh.. Anything you do with your child is an EXPERIENCE for them. Their way.. your way.. who ...more

Why you should be using Pinterest for your business

The other day while on Pinterest--the image-based site that has added another amazing tool to the social media toolbox--I found myself humming Madonna’s Material Girl: “‘Cause we are living in a material world/You know that we are living in a material world/And I am a material girl.”...more

Stop the Envy: Focus Inward

I'm not sure why but the buzz of society today is to bring down anyone who is deemed "too successful".  Too successful = too evil.  Look around you, a corporation becomes too big = evil.  An athlete becomes to successful = he's greedy/on drugs/evil/etc.  Your neighbor gets a new car = evil/must be doing something wrong to be able to afford that.  A fellow blogger gets a book deal = she must be ignoring her kids to get that kind of success. ...more
I like your ideasmore

Pinterest Rap

  From a girl with no rhythm but a'lotta soul ...more

How to Use Pinterest For Your Nonprofit

We would never venture to say that men are not philanthropic, but studies (like this one from IUPU) have shown women to be more likely to give to charities. That being said, with Pinterest being majority women, it seems a very good place to promote your nonprofit! So how do we best utilize Pinterest to promote nonprofits? You must first decide if your nonprofit is a good fit for Pinterest by evaluating if your organization can tell a story with images....more

Look Who's Pinning: The White House & Government Join Pinterest

The Obama White House is no stranger to the tools of civic engagement. Its social media hub page, titled "Engage and Connect," offers easy access to its Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Scribd, Flickr, Slideshare, LinkedIn, FourSquare and even GitHub accounts....more

50+ Must See Pinterest Pages

Everyone knows I love Pinterest. With over 14,000 pins, I am a little addicted! So I wanted to share with you 50+ of my favorite Pinterest pages. I have found so much inspiration with these pages- I hope you do too!...more


Oh how I love Pinterest. It has sucked a lot of my time I will admit. I will go a few days without checking it and then it is like I have to make up for it. But, our dinners are never dull and it made christmas go by smoothly. I may even be motivated to organize. But what I really love is that one minute I can pin everything bacon or chocolate then the next every exercise or detox drink that promises to make me lose ten pounds in two days. But overall I enjoy spending Sunday evening or Monday mornings looking for recipes for the week. ...more