Magic Snow, or how to make a giant mess

I really truly cannot figure out how all these pristine mommy-bloggers do it! They craft gorgeous educational activities, photograph them every step of the way, engage their kids in them (neatly, of course!), put up stunning pictures and still seem to have time to do things like cook dinner afterwards! It's amazing. ...more

An Open Letter To Pinterest Superstars

Dear Pinterest Superstars:Thank you so much for your innovative ideas and the way you always direct me to something cool and whimsical. Admittedly, I do find your super human crafting and flood plating abilities a little intimidating. There is simply no way that I will ever achieve the same level of Pinteresty perfection as you.Those handcrafted miniature train sets made out of soap must have taken you weeks to complete. In addition, the pumpkin shaped cupcakes probably took you days to perfect....more

Chevron Peer Pressure. Don't Give In.

There is something about “trends” that I steer away from. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used self-restraint when it comes to the ever popular, everywhere on pinterest explosion that is the chevron pattern. Let’s face it. It’s everywhere. And, I will proudly admit that I had not a single item in my entire house with the Chevron pattern on it. Until last night....more