The Pioneer Woman at BlogHer '13: On Being a Blogger, Writer, Photographer, & Mother

After taking the stage Friday morning, Ree looked nervously at the wide open stage space, hovering to one side, as she jokingly pleaded for her long time gal pals and BlogHer founders, to not leave her alone. Ree wasn’t afraid to appear vulnerable, telling us, “I am not a public speaker, folks,” and winning the audience over by publicly declaring her Spanx discomfort. At that very moment, I too sat squirming in Spanx, and I suspect Ree would have been overwhelmed by the show of Spanx solidarity, if only she had queried the audience. ...more
@SharonRobinson  I am not Ree however I do remember when she wrote a post about her favorite ...more

Cooking my way through Pioneer Woman?

So I am finally feeling back in my groove. Where I want to cook again. I've missed cooking. I love it so much. I think it's the fact that I'm feeding my family. Some what from scratch-ish. I do so enjoy testing out new recipes. I'm thinking of doing some posts as I cook my way through The Pioneer Woman's cook book. ...more

The Pioneer Woman Blog Goes Low Fat

The Pioneer Woman Blog, written by Ree Drummond, is my all time favorite blog.  She is possibly the sole person who inspired me to write my blog.  The Pioneer Woman blog is delightful and beautiful and humorous and delicious (but not low fat ).  Further, Ree Drummond is an author of several different books including a 2 cookbooks ...more

Exclusive: Ree Drummond on Her Pioneer Woman Food Network Show

Editor's note: On July 19, The Food Network announced that Ree Drummond's TV show will premiere Saturday, August 27 at 11:30AM ET/PT. ...more
I have to say this is my favorite show i rarely miss an episode , my family and I just love all ...more

Playing on Facebook Can Get You a Job

Playing on Facebook can get you a job - I'm not talking about Farmville, though I'm sure there must be something for which those skills can be used.  While Facebook is thought of by many as a way to pass the time, the social network has broad business applications if you use it right.  And it's only one of many networking, aggregating, blogging and mini-blogging sites out there, all of which can be used to pad your resume.My young cousin is taking a college course entitled "Digital Literacies and Social Media."  After I stopped laughing (not at you, Margaret, and not ...more

BlogHer Network Member News, Feb 4: Bloggie Nominations Edition

Eleven bloggers from the Publishing Network have been nominated for a 2011 Bloggie Congratulations to ......more

BlogHer Network Member News, Feb 1: Maki Ito a Top Seller on Amazon + More

Maki Ito of Just Hungry (pictured below) recently finished a book tour for The Just Bento Cookbook, which has been the top selling Japanese cookbook on both and for the past several weeks....more

I was both bummed and stoked to see that it was sold out and on backorder. YAY, Maki! We are ...more

Eat Your Flowers.

 There's a reason I'm not a food blogger. I lack the required domestic genes. I love food. I love beautiful food. But I can't create beautiful food. ...more

I prefer to leave the stress of plate placement to the experts and just enjoy the taste of my ...more

(VIDEO) Putting it All Together: What Makes a Real Man?

My kids are on a big kick these days of drawing superhero comics; mostly, the stories are about people falling, because falling is fun to draw! But I like that they're thinking about heroes. ...more

I totally, totally agree!